Brown Bear, Brown Bear Handprint Project

Brown Bear Handprint Keepsake Book - this is AWESOME! What a fun and adorable way to teach colors!

As a teacher of 2 year olds, we don’t have a ton of rigorous curriculum.

We are mostly learning basic principles of SURVIVAL – like don’t hit or bite people and SHARE THE TOYS.

But these tender hearts are so ready to learn!  So each month we focus on a different shape, number, and color.

One of the books we read (almost every day of the year) is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin and Eric Carle.  This book is wonderful for little people because of its repetition and strong focus on colors.

As a yearlong project, I decided to make a special Brown Bear Handprint Book for each student and their family that would feature their child’s handprint while retelling the beloved Brown Bear story.

Since we read the book so much in class, it makes for a wonderful keepsake that the children (at 2 years old!) can ‘read’ to their parents and siblings because they have the story completely memorized by the end of the year!

This book requires very little materials (which is one of the many reasons why I love it so much).

Brown Bear Handprint Keepsake Book

*I found so much inspiration for this project from Preschool Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Materials –

  • 1 (1-inch) white binder
  • Clear, plastic sleeves
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes (In a variety of sizes.  Also the self-adhesive googly eyes were awesome and helped so much!)
  • Construction paper
  • Black pen and colored markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Directions –

Each month of the school year we do a new handprint featuring the color that we are celebrating that month.  For example, in September we talk about the color red, so we make the red bird handprint.  In October we talk about the color orange, so we make the goldfish.

After 9 months of school, our book is ready!  We stick each page in a plastic sheet protector and then put the whole caboodle in a binder.

I made a simple cover design using the Brown Bear image I found at 1+1+1=1.

Here are the photos of each page…Brown Bear Bear HandprintBrown Bear Red Bird HandprintBrown Bear Yellow Duck HandprintBrown Bear Blue Horse HandprintBrown Bear Green Frog HandprintBrown Bear Purple Cat HandprintBrown Bear White Dog HandprintBrown Bear Black Sheep HandprintBrown Bear Goldfish HandprintBrown Bear Handprint Keepsake Book

Isn’t it darling?!

The horse is a bit of a stretch, I KNOW, but I honestly could not come up with any other way!  And we fudged a bit on the purple cat by using the foot, but that one is probably my favorite – oh, those tiny toes!!

The parents were SO HAPPY with them when we revealed the final product at the end of the year party.  And the kids were pretty proud of it because they had been working on it ALL YEAR.

I hope this book is something you can use with your kids or in your own classroom!  I will definitely be doing it again this year.

– Julie :-)

*Did you love this?  Our class makes another special book every year about the Days of Creation.  You can find it HERE.*FREE Printable Creation Book Craft at

Creation Book – FREE Printable!

FREE Printable Creation Book Craft at happyhomefairy.comI’m so excited about this little project I get to share with you today!  And just in time for Earth Day, too! It’s kind of hilarious because it has been a lonnnnng time coming.  I started making these books with my students back in October and I JUST NOW sent the last one home.  SHEESH.  With 2’s, usually everything they do is lightening fast.  They can bop from building with Duplos to eating 100 pretzels to tearing apart the kitchen center in about 14 seconds, but when it comes to projects like this, things are usually slow and steady. That and the fact that I didn’t know how to use the machine that puts the binding on books like this so they sat in my closet for about 3 months before I finally asked someone to help me because I needed the shelf space in my closet back. BWAAHAAAHAA!

*I got the inspiration for this book from The Preschool Experiment blog.*

It’s all very easy to put together. Before you begin, here are the supplies you will need…

  • FREE Printables below
  • Yellow and black construction paper, glue (page 1)
  • Cotton balls, blue tissue paper squares, glue (page 2)
  • Brown construction paper, green paint, green dot marker (optional) cut-out flowers, glue (page 3)
  • Yellow crayons, stickers (page 4)
  • Blue dot marker, bird and fish creation printable from HERE, glue (page 5)
  • Person cut-out, animal stickers, glue (page 6)
  • Blue paper circle, green tissue paper squares, red heart, glue (page 7)

As we worked on the different days of creation, I taught the kids the little song that is featured on each page.  It is sung to the tune of, “Frere Jacques.” creation book 1creation book 2creation book 3creation book 4creation book 5creation book 6creation book 7creation book cover

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Creation Book Cover

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Creation Book Pages

I hope you enjoy this project with your Happy Buddies and it helps them learn about the greatness, power, and beauty of our Creator. Happy Creation Book-ing! :-)

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelation 4:11

Squishy Snowman In a Bag

squishy snowman in a bag activity at happyhomefairy - great for building those fine motor skills!

This adorable Squishy Snowman in a Bag is perfect for helping your kids develop the muscles in their hands.

If you want to get technical and sound super smart, tell all your Facebook friends that you are doing a craft to assist in the strengthening of your child’s “fine motor skills.”

What you will need –

squishy snowman 1

  • Shaving Cream
  • Sandwich-sized Ziploc bag
  • Glitter (optional, although I am a FIRM believer that glitter is ALWAYS an option)
  • Black adhesive craft foam and regular orange craft foam (got mine at Walmart)

Here’s how to put your squishy snowman together – squishy snowman 2squishy snowman 3squishy snowman 4squishy snowman 5squishy snowman 6squishy snowman 7squishy snowman 8

  • Cut out several circles (for mouth and eyes) from the black adhesive foam and a carrot-shaped nose from the orange foam.
  • Attach eyes and mouth to the front of the bag.
  • Put an {{exorbitant}} amount of glitter in the bag.
  • Add a few squirts of shaving cream.
  • Add the carrot nose.
  • Seal bag tightly.  **REALLY tightly.**
  • Try to line the nose up correctly on the snowman’s face.

Pretty quick to make and super cute!  The kids will probably be interested in it for about a total of 3 minutes, but still something fun to do if it’s negative 30 degrees in your neck of the woods and you’re stuck inside.

Then again, if it’s that cold where you are, your child’s fine motor skills are probably frozen and you should just sell your house and move to South Florida with me.

Happy Squishy Snowman-ing! :-)

Simple Paper Baby Jesus Craft

simple paper baby Jesus craft at happyhomefairy.comI was telling my 2-year-olds about Jesus’ birth and how he wasn’t born in a super sanitized hospital or put in a nice, cozy, adorably-oufitted crib like they were.

We talked about the manger and how it must have been not so clean and probably a little stinky from all the animals that used it.

But that is exactly where God wanted His Son to start His life on earth with us.  God was writing a story of His love beyond what our human eyes and noses and minds could see or smell or understand.

Because in a way the manger is a picture of our hearts – not so clean and a little stinky.

Ok, a LOT stinky.

Then God breaks through in all His perfection and glory and comes as a tiny babe to make His bed there – right there in our hearts.

And something that began as unlovely and imperfect and smelly is transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ into something absolutely beautiful.

baby jesus craft 1baby jesus craft 2baby jesus craft 3baby jesus craft 4baby jesus craft 5

So as you do this simple craft with your kids, help them to see the bigger picture of our Lord’s coming.

Help them learn how to prepare a place for their Savior in the manger of their jesus craft 6

Happy Simple Paper Baby Jesus Craft-ing! :-)

*You can find my other easy and adorable Baby Jesus Craft HERE.*

Easy Apple Tree Craft

easy apple tree craft - adorable!


I guess I have a thing for toilet paper roll crafts!

The hubs is always razzing me for lining them up on our bathroom window sill for weeks on end as I save them for projects like this.

What you need –

apple tree craft 1

Large sheet of construction paper with cut out tree glued to the center

Red paint

Toilet paper roll

Instructions –

apple tree craft 2Step 1 – Have your child dip the TP roll in red paint.

apple tree craft 3Step 2 – Then press the roll gently on the top part of the tree.

apple tree craft 4Step 3 – Let dry.

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

**You can find all my other easy apple crafts HERE.**

Happy Easy Apple Tree Craft-ing! :-)

Easy School Bus Craft

Such an easy and adorable craft for the beginning of school!

We have been celebrating school buses all week in my preschool class.

That Wheels on the Bus song just never gets old! :-)

This little craft is so fun and easy.  I know your kids will enjoy it.

bus craft 1

Yellow, Black, and Blue construction paper



Black Paint

Toilet Roll Tube

Directions:bus craft 2bus craft 3bus craft 8bus craft 4bus craft 5bus craft 9bus craft 7bus craft 6

That’s it!

I hope y’all are getting back into the Back to School groove without any bumps!

Happy School Bus Craft-ing! :-)

Super Easy Friendship Bracelets

super easy and adorable friendship bracelets - all you need are straws and pipe cleaners!.jpg

 Do you remember making friendship bracelets with embroidery thread at summer camp?

Well, these certainly aren’t as elaborate or glamorous, but they will make for a quick and easy craft on a rainy day!

Supplies –

Pipe Cleaners



Directions –

friendship bracelets 1.jpgCut the straws.

friendship bracelet 2.jpgThread on the pipe cleaners.

friendship bracelet 3.jpgTie off the ends to make bracelets.

The boys’ attention spans were kind of non-existent the day we made these, so we didn’t take the time to cut the pipe cleaners to actually fit little people wrists –

But they were still adorable.

friendship bracelet 4.jpgThe Happy Buddy gave his friendship bracelet to his little brother.

And I fell over dead from the precious.

Happy Friendship Bracelet-ing! :-)friendship week at Happy Home Fairy - cute ideas and inspiring ways to be an awesome friend