Super Easy Outdoor Chalk Game

This super easy chalk game will get your kiddos outside and counting! So much fun!

On Saturday afternoon our neighbors texted to invite us to a small summer party they were throwing.

So we ditched nap and quiet time and joined the fun!

Someone set out a giant bucket of chalk and, I don’t know about you, but I CANNOT RESIST A GIANT BUCKET OF CHALK.

I remembered seeing this little game on Pinterest many moons ago and thought it would be a good one to try.

The kids had a blast and it was so simple to put together.

chalk gameSimply draw 6 numbered boxes.

Then instruct the kids to go find items to fill each box – enough items to correspond with the number in the box.

For example…

chalk game 11 piece of chalk.

chalk game 22 flip flops.

chalk game 33 pretzels.

chalk game 44 Badminton rackets (and by the way, did you know it was BadMINTon?  I always thought it was BadMITTON. #thanksgoogle).

chalk game 55 hula hoops.

chalk game 66 bubble bottles.

IMG_2467Isn’t this fun?  And the kids had the added challenge of it being an extremely windy day so they had to find items that wouldn’t blow away.

I thought they did great and the final result captured the essence of summer quite nicely!

And here’s one other thing that captured the essence of summer nicely, as well.

summerHappy Chalk Game-ing! :-)

The Big Box

big box fun 6

Our sweet babysitter, Miss Cathy, gave us a large box from their recent washing machine purchase and LET ME TELL YOU.

You would have thought she had given my boys the MOON.

I set it out in the living room so that Happy Buddy and Happy Baby would find it when they woke up.

big box fun 3big box fun 4big box fun 2Happy Buddy had it all decorated – including a welcome mat – before 6 am.

He hung handmade drawings inside on the walls (although the jury’s still out on what he drew in the picture hanging over the window – any thoughts?  Is it a flower?  A man running for his life?  Tadpole?).

He filled it with bins full of books, walkie-talkies, pillows, a football, and pretend snacks.  Everything a boy could possibly need in a new home.

big box fun 10He covered it with a sheet so that he had privacy, of course.

When Happy Baby woke up he decided that he wanted his own house.

I happened to have a box from an inexpensive toy organizer I had recently purchased at Target (which I put together myself.  I used a screwdriver and everything! #feelingproud).

big box fun 7big box fun 8Happy Buddy even made a welcome mat for his brother’s new house.

big box fun 9And now they have their very own neighborhood.

I am not going to lie, having these giant boxes in the living room is kind of making me crazy.  Usually with items of this size my OCD will get the best of me and they will be by the curb the next day because I just can’t stand the extra mess (do you remember the bunny?  We still have it!).  Our house is already small, so adding 2 huge boxes makes it feel like we literally have the MOON in our living room.

But I am choosing to let it go because the boys are just so happy.

Plus they are learning how to be good neighbors.

big box fun 11Ringing the doorbell…

big box fun 5Enjoying one another’s company…

big box fun 12Annnnnd this is a picture of Happy Buddy throwing his brother out of his house because he was tired of entertaining.

Every day the Happy Buddy thanks me for not throwing his house away – lol!  I guess I need to lighten up a bit and let them be kids and have fun.

It’s summer after all.

Have your kids ever had the opportunity to play with a big box?

– Julie :-)

*Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, sweet friends!  Thank you to those who have contributed to my dream!!  I am praising God for you!  We are ALMOST to my goal!  If you haven’t already, will you pray about donating to help Fund the Fairy?  I would be so honored to have your support! Xoxo

The Boardwalk

NJ 2 NJ 3 NJ 4 NJ 5 NJ 6 NJ 7 NJ 8 NJ 9 NJ 11 NJ 12 NJ 13 NJ 14 NJ 15 NJ 16 NJ 17 NJ 18 NJ 20 NJ 21NJ 19

(Can you tell which child in the photo above is being uncooperative?  That would be mine – ahem.)

The Boardwalk is a magical place.

Pizza and caramel popcorn and salt water taffy and then a bunch of crazy rides to make you throw all that delicious food up.

I felt like a kid again – seriously, some of the rides that my boys went on were rides that I went on as a kid.  Not even kidding.  And my mom went on them when SHE was a kid.  I was tempted to ask guest services questions about the reliability of said rides, but thought, hey, why ruin the magic?

I was surprised that Happy Buddy went on so many thriller rides… He has always been quite cautious about trying new things.  Especially new things that drop suddenly or spin in circles for extended amounts of time.  His only condition was that I ride with him and of course I was like, “Aw no, I would rather not have any fun.” ;-)

The only disappointing thing about the Boardwalk was that it was probably 150% humidity and my growing hair could have almost qualified as another theme park attraction.

Now that we are home, the boys ask me only 1400 times a day if we can go back and I tell them that one day we will go back and then one day after that they will go back and bring their own kids to the boardwalk.

But by then I imagine the rides will be so old they will have probably disintegrated.


I hope y’all had a happy 4th of July!

– Julie

Recipe – Peachy Iced Tea

peach tea recipe at - looks delicious and easy!

Looking for a delicious drink to serve at your next summer cookout with friends?


Seriously, you will THANK me for this recipe – it’s that good.  I promise.

peach tea recipe 1peach tea recipe 2peach tea recipe 3Step 1 – Pick up some Crystal Light Peach Flavor Iced Tea Mix.

Step 2 – Pour 1 packet into a pitcher and add 5 cups of cold water and 1 cup of orange juice.

Step 3 – Stir until mix is dissolved completely.

Step 4 (optional) – If you want to be super glamorous, add some sliced fresh peaches, raspberries, and blueberries.

Step 5 – Serve on ice.

I’m in New Jersey this week with the boys and my family!  We are having a lot of fun – although no one is really doing a lot of sleeping, which led to an unfortunate meltdown at the arcade on the boardwalk yesterday afternoon.

We had a big dinner the other night with my Oma and cousins and Aunt and Uncle and sister-in-love and brother and their kids and my parents – phew!  It was heaven getting to be reunited with everyone!

They all pitched in to help me take photos for this post.

{{In case you were wondering why I suddenly got man-hands, that is my dad pouring the orange juice into the pitcher.}}

And below is my lovely sister-in-love.peach tea recipe 5peach tea recipe 6The family really liked this drink.  My dad even commented how, “refreshing” it was.

I hope you will enjoy it too.

Happy Peachy Iced Tea-ing! :-)

*I originally found this recipe over at Kraft.

The Best $20 You Will Ever Spend at Target this Summer

bubble machine 1

We took a quick trip to Target yesterday afternoon to make a special little purchase that I know is going to supply us with a TON of summer fun over the next 2 months.

We headed to the aisle that has summer-y items (beach toys, bubbles, etc.) and picked up the little beauty you see below.

bubble machine 3bubble machine 4We also made sure not to forget to pick up some AA batteries.

Drive home, wrestle the machine out of the box, install the batteries (8, to be exact), pour in some bubble solution and press the ON button.bubble machine 5bubble machine 6bubble machine 7bubble machine 8bubble machine 9bubble machine 10

This is seriously the most amazing bubble maker I have EVER seen.

The whole time Happy Baby was running around saying over and over, “BUBBLES! YAYYYY! BUBBLES!”


Have a great weekend, sweet friends!

– Julie


Road Trip Tips

My mom has asked if I can drive the boys up to visit them in Georgia this summer.

But I can tell you confidently that 10+ hours in the car with my monkeys and no hubs (who would need to stay home for work) sounds like I’d rather wash 100 crock pots (which is not my favorite thing to do – haha).

Even if the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is my sweet mama.

However, I know there are so many of you other brave warriors out there who travel great distances in the summertime with children in tow and I need you to know that in my eyes Y’ALL ARE SUPERHEROES.

And I know you’ve probably got the whole road tripping thing down, but just in case there’s something here that inspires you, I made a small list of ideas to keep things fun instead of disastrous.road trip tips at happy home fairy

Also, I have an entire Pinterest board called Road Trip Tips that you can find HERE.

Annnnnd if any of you brave warriors happen to be driving from South Florida to Georgia this summer…  Can my boys and I hitch a ride? ;-)

What are YOUR best Road Trip Tips?

Happy Road Trip Tip-ing!

The BYOM Potluck Cookout (The Easiest Way to Entertain this Summer)

I am so excited to share one of my sweet friends from high school with you today!  She has some of the yummiest recipes and a lot of great tips for keeping things uncomplicated in the kitchen – but without sacrificing delicious flavor.  I love her heart and her posts make me laugh out loud.  The Lord encourages us to open our homes and to always be eager to practice hospitality (Romans 12:13), but sometimes I don’t open our home because, let’s face it, it takes a good chunk of cash to feed a crowd (not to mention I am not always eager to make the bathrooms less of a sanitation hazard company ready).  In today’s post, Bet brings us a simple way to be obedient to Him, enjoy fellowship with others, and be cost effective all at the same time.  I know you will love her!

the easiest way to entertain this summer!Hey there! I’m Bet from Bet On Dinner, and I’m so excited to be posting over here today! I knew Julie before she was the Fairy, and now I love using her ideas with my two girls. I love how very real she is about being a mom!

Julie and Bet in high schoolJulie and me our senior year of high school. I was using black and white film…to be artsy, I guess? But yep, film. #thingsthatmakeyoufeelold

When Julie invited me to share something, she was probably expecting a recipe, since that’s mostly what I do on my blog (plus meal planning, freezer-friendly meal ideas, and sorting through my childhood closet for my internet friends). But I’m here to talk about how to make having friends over for dinner INCREDIBLY easy!

So: we LOVE to have people over. Obviously, I like to cook (and I really, really like to eat), but it just makes me happy to have people we love sitting around our table.

But. Sometimes this love can cause me to be a tiny bit c.r.a.z.y. I take on one (or two or three) too many cooking projects. I’ve been known to exceed decimate the grocery budget. I get testy with my daughters who continue to need things while I’m getting the house ready (whyyy must they do that?). I use all of the dishes.

In other words: I still get the warm fuzzy feelings of having friends laughing in my kitchen, but I’m also exhausted.

Does anyone else do this? Here’s the antidote:

a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) Potluck Cookout!

grillthe spread at a BYOM potluck cookout

As the host, your jobs are simple:

1. Invite some friends. A total of 6-10 people is a good size.

2. Ask them to bring some meat to throw on the grill and a side dish or dessert to share. (See? Potluck cookout!)

3. Make sure you have paper plates, something to drink, gas or charcoal for the grill, and your family’s meat for the grill.

4. Set out something to munch on while people are arriving and the meat is cooking. I recommend chips and salsa. (If you have a little voice in your head that says things like, “Hey! You could totally make the salsa!”, tell it to mind it’s own business.)

5. Set out yard games or bubbles, or spread out a blanket and toys for babies and kiddos.

ready for a BYOM potluck cookout
Ready to party!

And that’s it! With zero things to cook ahead of time, you’re not making a mess in your kitchen (and between the grill and paper plates, you’ll barely have any clean-up at the end). You’re free to hide your clutter in your bedroom straighten up, be kind to your children, enjoy your company, and then sit on the couch after they go home.

We did this for an early dinner a couple of weekends ago, and it was so fun and relaxing.

crazy hair at a BYOM potluck cookoutI even had time for one of my favorite pastimes: documenting this girl’s Cindy Lou Who fauxhawk.

Our friends brought roasted potatoes, watermelon, and brownies, and it was a perfectly beautiful day. And it was really nice not to be running around like a maniac before they arrived.

friends at a BYOM potluck cookoutSweet friends.

Bonus: this type of entertaining doesn’t break the bank and it’s possible to pull off last-minute. You could do it every week and not run out of hosting steam! I love removing barriers to getting people together.

Happy BYOM Potluck Cookout-ing!

(Psst! If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a par-tay like this, you could bring along some roasted sweet potatoes… or a chocolate chess pie.) :-)