SUPER Easy Turkey Craft

easy turkey craft - paper plate, tp roll, googly eyes, red and orange foam or construction paper. Adorable!

After the wild success of last year’s Easy Turkey Craft, I had to come up with a new one for this Thanksgiving.

You probably already have everything you need to make this cute little turkey (inspiration from HERE).easy turkey craft - supplies


Paper plate, cut in half

Toilet paper roll



Googly eyes

Orange and red sticky foam (or construction paper)

Instructions:easy turkey craft 1

Step 1 – Have your Happy Buddy create a design on the paper plate with the markers (the Happy Buddy also ended up decorating his plate with some Thanksgiving stickers and I added a Thanksgiving-themed Bible verse to mine).

easy turkey craft 2Step 2 – Cut out a beak and a wattle from the orange and red sticky foam and attach.

easy turkey craft 3Step 3 – Add googly eyes.

easy turkey craft - happy buddy'sStep 4 – Cut 2 (1-inch) slits in the toilet paper roll, one on either side, and then slide the paper plate half in.

easy turkey craftDone!

Happy SUPER Easy Turkey Craft-ing! :-)

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