When Life Gives You Lemons…

Make a Lemonade Stand!

Your Happy Buddies are going to love this popular summer activity.

Here are some tips to help make their business venture an easy and super successful one.

Click Image for Idea

Tip #1 – The Invitation: First things first.  You need to get the word out about your totally awesome lemonade stand.

Go door to door and drop off one of these FREE Printable Lemonade Stand Invitations from Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

Click Image for Idea

Tip #2 – The Attire: When hosting a lemonade stand, wearing something cute might score you a few extra bucks.

A sweet yellow bow tie like this little dude from Fiskars or a happy yellow apron should do the trick!

Click Image for Idea

Tip #3 – The Signage: You’ve got the word out to the people in your neighborhood, but what about the lucky folks who happen to drive by your lemonade stand on their way home from work?

Use this FREE Printable sign from One Charming Party to reel ’em in.

Click Image for Idea

Tip #4 – The Curb Appeal: Personally, my idea of a cute lemonade stand is a card table, a tupperware pitcher of the refreshing yellow drink, and a kid-drawn poster with the ‘e’ of lemonade written backwards.

But there’s no denying the eye-catching draw of this Vintage Lemonade Stand (with a great tutorial) by Lil’ Luna.

If your Happy Hubby is itching to get his hands dirty with a project, sign him up for this one!  Now the whole family is involved!

Click Image for Idea

Tip #5 – The Product: Wow your customers by kickng plain old lemonade up a notch with this recipe for Pineapple Lemonade Punch from Froggy and the Mouse.

Click Image for Idea

Tip #6 – The Fluff: A good store owner knows that it’s the upselling that brings in the real dough!

So make sure you throw in a few extras like small bags of freshly popped popcorn, this recipe for the BEST BROWNIES EVER, Lemon Cheese Bars, or these tasty, tasty Pink Lemonade Cupcakes from Real Mom Kitchen.

Click Image for Idea

Tip #7 – The Extra Touch: Add some of these adorable FREE Printable Lemonade Stand Labels to cups, cupcakes, treat bags, etc. to impress customers with your professional packaging.

Click Image for Photo Credit

Tip #8 – The Charity: You can use a lemonade stand to teach your Happy Buddies about the gift of giving.

Choose a local charity and then donate all of the lemonade stand’s profits to it!

Click Image for Idea

Tip #9 – The Lemonade Stand Spread: Send out a box in the mail to someone you love and spread the joy of lemonade!

Fill the box with a few simple supplies for them to host their own special summer Lemonade Stand.

The Crafting Chicks have the best FREE Printable for that HERE.

PLEASE make sure you invite me to your Lemonade Stand if this post inspired your Happy Home!

The Happy Buddy, Happy Baby, and I would looooove to visit.

Happy Lemonade Stand-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. Did you know some cities have “Lemonade Day”? Ours is in May, and there are lemonade stands all over the city! You would seriously love it. Lemonadeday.org has a list of cities, and a printable business plan for kids to learn about budgeting and other business skills! And a lot of the kids here give to charities. Cool idea!

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