Cool Valentines for Boys

Our house is quickly becoming a torpedo of cars, trucks, baseball gear, and army men.

Not to mention the dirt and mud.

And occasional frog/bugs/wildlife.

Life with boys!

So what’s a mama to do when Valentine’s Day rolls around and the only ideas out there are pink, pink, and more pink?

Thankfully, there are some options to help our boys not feel emasculated.

Click Image for Idea

Thirty Handmade Days is totally speaking the Happy Buddy’s language.

A clear plastic bag, some candy, a small car and her FREE Printable tag will make the boys wheelie happy.

Click Image for Idea

Is your boy into comics?

Zakka Life has this funny Superhero Valentine idea – complete with FREE Printable.

THIS SITE also has similar Superhero Valentines with another great printable, if you’re looking for specific superheroes like Superman or Batman.

Click Image for Idea

Dandee stuck a small bouncy ball in a clear treat bag with the above saying.

The boys will be bouncing for joy over this non-candy treat! :-)

Click Image for Idea

I just love this Dinosaur Candy Valentine from Life in Wonderland.

Click Image for Idea

I’m not usually into science fiction stuff, but I love a good pun and this Happy V-ALIEN-tine’s Day Card from Family Fun made me giggle.

If you don’t dig this alien’s creepy eyes, let your boy add some googly eyes instead. like the gal did over HERE (they are wayy cuter).

Click Image for Idea

And what about this Camouflage Valentine?

A little scrapbook paper, a little glue and a clever message – no one will want to hide from that card!

Click Image for Photo Source

It’s like Christmas for the Happy Buddy if he ever gets to see a police car.

These Police Be My Valentine Candy Cards would be perfect!

Click Image for Idea

Growing up, my two brothers were Star Wars OBSESSED!

I’d often walk into their room to find them wearing Darth Vader masks (which inevitably terrified me and sent me running).

Brassy Apple has these fun Star Wars Light Saber Valentines– the light sabers are glow sticks!Β  Genius!

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, Char made these high-flying Plane Valentines – including a FREE Printable!

There you have it!

No blushing boys this Valentine’s Day!Β  They will be proud to hand out these man-approved goodies!

Happy Valentines for Boys-ing! :-)

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