“Don’t Eat Tom Turkey!” – A Game for Thanksgiving (Free Printable!)

Ooooooooo y’all are just going to LOVE this!!!!

I wanted to make something so that you can enjoy the fun of the Thanksgiving season with your Happy Homes, so here it is…

At the bottom of  this post is a link for a FREE PRINTABLE that is a super amazing game for your Happy Home to play during the month of November after you’ve eaten dinner!

Simply download the link below, print it out, slip it into a sheet protector (so that it won’t get destroyed from all the fun and you can enjoy it for many more Family Fun nights in November), and start playing!

Game – “Don’t Eat Tom Turkey!”

How to Play –

  • Cover each of the turkeys with a small snack or treat (cereal, candy corn, M&M’s, etc – One of my Happy Home Friend’s even used frozen peas – haha!)
  • One person in the group goes out of the room.
  • One of the Turkeys on the game board is chosen by the group to be the “Tom Turkey.”
  • The person comes back in the room and chooses a snack and eats it from off of each turkey. They keep eating the snacks until they get to “the Tom Turkey” that was chosen by the group.  When they reach for that snack, everyone else yells, “Don’t eat Tom Turkey!!”
  • That person’s turn is over and a new person goes out of the room to repeat the game.
  • You can play as many rounds as you like, or print off multiple boards if you have a big group.

You will not even believe how much your Happy Buddies will love getting yelled at. :-)

Click below to get your Super Amazing Game!!!!

Don’t Eat Tom Turkey

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Happy Don’t Eat Tom Turkey-ing! :-)

**Note – All of the pictures that I used to make this game were taken from the Internet. They aren’t my pictures, so please only use this game in your Happy Home!  Thank you! :-)**

10 thoughts on ““Don’t Eat Tom Turkey!” – A Game for Thanksgiving (Free Printable!)

  1. Oh Julie–my girls LOVE this game!!!! We have played over and over again. They think it is SOOO funny to yell out “DON’T EAT TOM TURKEY!!!” :-) Thank you for this simple but FUN idea!! xoxo

    • PS–tonight Lily Kate decided that “we have had WAY too much candy lately” so she decided we should use frozen peas instead of m&m’s….HAHAHAHA Mommy was THRILLED with my veggie loving kiddo but not so thrilled when it was my turn to be “it” and I had to eat the frozen peas and act like they were so yummy. ;-) hee hee

  2. My son played with Katie’s girls and hasn’t stopped talking about Tom-Turkey. Thanks for such a silly fun way to eat veggies!!!

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