Thanksgiving Craft – Turkey Wooden Spoons!

When I look for craft ideas I try to find the ones that are the easiest to do at the least cost.

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman always has the sweetest and simplest ideas to make magic with Happy Buddies.

I saw her Turkey Wooden Spoon Craft and knew I HAD to put one together for our Happy Home!

Here are the pictures of how they turned out.

Click Image for Instructions

I am so happy that Michael’s carries pre-colored popsicle sticks!Jennifer inspired me to include my Turkey Wooden Spoon into our table’s centerpiece!

He makes me happy. :-)And here are some of my favorite ladies and their Happy Buddies at our Peanut Playgroup.

We all made Turkey Wooden Spoons together while the boys played!

These Turkey Wooden Spoons are cake to make!  If you want to learn how to create one yourself, click here.

Happy Turkey Wooden Spoon-ing! :-)

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Craft – Turkey Wooden Spoons!

  1. You did a fantastic job at the Embrace gig yesterday. And thank you to you and your church for your generosity in providing all the resources for free. Let me know if I can add you to my blogroll. I’d love to.
    Heather (LeadHership)

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  3. complimenti! noi qui non abbiamo questa tradizione ma comunque ne ho parlato ai miei bambini e abbiamo fatto anche noi lo stesso cucchiaio decorandolo con le cannuccie

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