13 Ways to Make Spelling Practice Fun

When I taught second grade, one of my students’ homework responsibilities included practicing their spelling words every evening in order to prepare for a test on Friday.

Often times the parents would ask me for ideas on how to make spelling practice more fun. Β I mean, a kid can sit and copy words a bazillion times for only so long before they start coming up with other ways to entertain themselves with a paper and pencil. #paperairplanes #origami #tictactoe #doodling #pencilchiselsintothesurfaceofyourbeautifuldiningroomtable

My friend, Bernadette, over at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, created a list of 75 ways to make spelling practice awesome (you can see the whole amazing article HERE) and I fell in LOVE with every single idea.

She let me choose my favorite 13 so that I could create a fun ‘Pin’-able image for you to refer to whenΒ your Happy Buddy is about to pull out his hair you’re in a pinch. :-)

I hope you like it!15 Ways to Make Spelling Homework FUN! Such easy and cute ideas!

And I hope it helps!

Happy Making Spelling Practice Fun-ing! :-)

*Salt tray image is from Nurture Store and their awesome post featuring 10 other creative spelling practice tips!*

3 thoughts on “13 Ways to Make Spelling Practice Fun

  1. I like to have them do their spelling with white board markers on either a white board or window. I think any time you can do something creative it helps! Sometimes they also “jump” their words. For example, when they spell the word ‘ball’ they jump and say ‘b’, jump and say ‘a’, jump and say ‘l’, jump and say ‘l’. It seems that getting the physical activity in there helps!

  2. Love the list! My son has a tic tac toe paper of the same spelling activities each week. He has to pick 3, but is also allowed to substitute activities with his own! Can’t wait to spice things up this week!

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