Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas

christ-centered easter basket ideas at

This year I want the Happy Buddy’s basket to be filled with things that point to Jesus – the true reason we celebrate Easter.

It’s kind of hard, though, to find items like this amidst all the bunnies and chicks and jellybeans at the stores.

(Although I think that hopping chick that poops out gum balls is pretty awesome.)

So I did some digging and found a few ideas that I wanted to share with you in case you want to make a Christ-Centered Easter Basket, too.christian easter basket ideas8

First up, I found this Really Wooly Inspirational Activity Book at Wal-Mart for just a few bucks.

And don’t forget a fun, Easter-themed pencil.  This one says, “Jesus Lives!”  I got it at our local Christian bookstore.

Wondering about the cute Happy Easter Banner that the pencil is poked through?  FREE Printable coming your way very soon {KAPOW!}! :-)  You can find it HERE.christian easter basket ideas5

I found this sweet little Wooden Cross Coloring Craft and book of Inspirational Easter Stickers in the dollar bins at JoAnn’s Arts and Crafts Store.christian easter basket ideas7

The Happy Buddy loves worship music and playing his drums.

We got him the latest Hillsong Kids Worship CD to rock out to (which you can get HERE).christian easter basket ideas4

How about a Chocolate Cross instead of a chocolate bunny?

I found this one at Wal-Mart, but I also saw chocolate crosses at the Dollar Tree and Target.christian easter basket ideas2

I picked up this cute picture book at our local Christian bookstore, but you can purchase it HERE.

It tells the Easter Story with adorable illustrations and in an easy-to-read way.

HERE is a post featuring 5 of my other favorite Easter books.

christian easter basket ideas3

It wouldn’t be Easter without the Veggie Tales Easter Collection. :-)

christian easter basket ideas1

Okay so I was searching and searching for a sweet little lamb (to represent Jesus, the lamb who takes away the sins of the world – John 1:29) to put in the Easter basket, but then I found this lil’ guy.

He is a part of a line of plush toys made by DaySpring called U-NEEKS.  The message behind each funny-looking character is that of Psalm 139 – that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

This is SPLAT, the bunny. :-)

You can find out more about U-NEEKS HERE, but if you’re looking to buy, check your local Christian bookstore first.  Otherwise, I found a Christian bookstore that sells them on their website HERE.
christian easter basket ideas6

We love having several different versions of God’s Word to use during our nightly readings.

I fell in LOVE with the new Jesus Calling Bible Storybook and couldn’t wait to add it to our collection!

The illustrations are STUNNING and I love that this Bible has a wide selection of stories.

You can pick one up HERE.

christian easter basket ideas9And, finally, I threw in a few items from the Christian bookstore that were just silly and fun – a Cross-Shaped Bubble Necklace, a God Loves You Eraser, and some sort of happy musical thing that you blow into.

If it makes noise, the Happy Buddy will like it. :-)

There you have it!

christ-centered easter basket ideasAn Easter Basket that celebrates Jesus.

Happy Christ-Centered Easter Basket-ing! :-)

*Want MORE Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas and a whole lotta FREE Printables?  Check out the amazing Christ-Centered Easter Basket series going on right now over at Detail-Oriented Diva.*

*I also liked A Dollop of My Life’s Christ-Centered Easter Basket ideas.*

*And I am REALLY digging this 3-item Christ-Centered Easter Basket from Footy Pajamas.  Go read WHY there are only 3 things!  Love it!*

14 thoughts on “Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas

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  4. I love that others do this as well. I started with my sons first Easter when he was a few months old. I got a photo frame from the dollar store and printed out quotes. Every year he gets a stuffed animal that sings the ‘Jesus love me ‘ song.
    I also incorporate it into Christmas.Both have year round ideas with Bible and prayer books and bible coloring books. Even CDs can be found at the dollar store. Veggie tales movies are a must and the nativity scene by fisher price is one toy I don’t mind spending $50 for at Christmas.
    There are so many good ideas out there. Even crafts to make the God related projects found on Pinterest.

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