An A-maize-ing Post

As I sit here working on this post, I am wondering about the success of it.

I mean, this is a post about corn.

Does corn inspire you?  Is it something worth crafting?

If you’re struggling to think so, then let me show you just how a-maize-ing corn can be…

Click Image for Idea

The Prairie Mother used bubble wrap to paint the corn on these Toilet Paper Roll Corn Crafts.

Click Image for Idea

Your Happy Buddy uses his/her fingerprint to make the little pieces of corn on these clever Fingerprint Corn Place Cards for Thanksgiving from Spoonful.

Click Image for Idea

I told you you would need a lot of candy corn this month…

What a cute and educational Corn Counting Activity from No Time for Flashcards!

Click Image for Idea

Your Happy Buddies will have fun eating popcorn and then putting what is left of it into a Ziploc bag with paint to make these fun Corn Crafts from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Click Image for Idea

How about this fun Corn on the Cob Breakfast from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons?

Click Image for Idea

Are you helping with your Happy Buddy’s classroom Thanksgiving Party this year?

These Mini Corn on the Cob Bites from Tablespoon are super yummy and easy to make.

Photo Source

Another great party idea – leave out a jar of Indian Candy Corn for a fun Guessing Game.

Click Image for Idea

These Indian Corn Favors from The Fickle Pickle are so neat!  You can even find that adorable tag as a FREE Printable!

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, this Indian Corn Thanksgiving Napkin Ring from Reading Confetti is easy and pretty – just what your Thanksgiving table needs this year.

Corn is a reminder of the significance of that first Thanksgiving so many years ago, where the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to harvest their own so that they wouldn’t be hungry.

Talk about sharing God’s love!

What do you think about corn now?

I hope you are corn-vinced that it’s pretty great. :-)

Happy Corn Craft-ing!

*P.S. Check out my family’s FAVORITE recipe for Corn Casserole HERE.  Awesome for Thanksgiving.*

3 thoughts on “An A-maize-ing Post

  1. my maiden name is canfield and everyone called me dana cornfield because i was from nebraska and a cornhusker! corn is dear to my heart!! :)

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