The Thanksgiving Feast You Don’t Want to Eat

My mouth is already watering just thinking about Thanksgiving dinner!

I adore eating turkey.

You can bet that I will be the first one in my family shamelessly stuffing Ziploc bags of leftover bird to take home for extra deliciousness for the rest of the week.

What do you love about Thanksgiving dinner?

The mashed potatoes, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin bread?

Whatever your taste buds crave, these 5 fun crafts celebrate our nation’s beloved feast, but unfortunately won’t fill any Ziplocs with leftovers.

Click Image for Idea

Here is a great activity from Fun4Kids.

Page through magazines or grocery store ads and have your Happy Buddy cut out Thanksgiving-related foods.  Then paste on to a paper plate to create a Pretend Thanksgiving Dinner!

Click Image for Idea

Cotton ball mashed potatoes, a lunch bag drumstick…  This 3D Thanksgiving Dinner from Kiboomu will be way easier to cook up than the real deal!

Click Image for Idea

These Thanksgiving Cupcakes are a hoot!

If you’re interested in making a batch of your own, pop over to Black Eiffel and scroll through a few of the comments to get the low down – super creative.

Click Image for Idea

You won’t have to keep answering the question, “When’s it time to eat?” with this helpful craft from!

With a simple spin, this clever gizmo gives everyone an accurate reading on expected chow time.

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, I have told y’all before (much to my embarrassment) that I do not sew.  I cannot even sew a button.

Around these parts, if someone loses a button, I make a speedy drive to my mother’s where she teaches me for the millionth time how to sew a button and then I promptly forget as soon as I drive back home. :-)

So, I doubt you will find me whipping up the above spectacular Thanksgiving Felt Food Feast from the super talented lady over at Smashed Peas and Carrots, but I had to share because if I could sew, this is what I’d be working on this month – no doubt!

With all these great projects in honor of America’s best meal ever – I have to ask, what’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?

The turKEY.

Get it?


Happy Thanksgiving Dinner Craft-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Feast You Don’t Want to Eat

  1. LOVE your blog. Just found it through The Homeschool Post blog awards (you were nominated for an award…did you know that?) and you, lady, are full to the brim of great ideas. And you’re fun to read, too! My favorite idea on this post is those cupcakes. How cute are those? I think the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner is not stressing out so much about what the kids eat. It’s one day. My kids eat really well all the rest of the year, and so when they are excited to be with their cousins and run and play…if their Thanksgiving dinner consists of pickles, olive, a bun, and a piece of pie…so be it. :)

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