A Tribute to the Lunchbox Staple

Every day I fix the Happy Buddy a peanut butter sandwich for his school lunch.

Just the PB – no J.

(The Happy Buddy’s not one to try new things easily.)

But one of these days I will introduce him to the J.

Because there’s nothin’ quite like it!

Photo Credit

Case in point…

Click Image for Recipe

Start the day right with these deliciously simple PB&J Pancakes from Finding My Feet.

Click Image for Recipe

Check out these yummy PB&J Cookies at Celebrations.

Click Image for Recipe

Ever thought to stick a PB&J in your freezer?

Weelicious did with these scrumptious PB&J Pops!

Click Image for Recipe

You Happy Buddy might not like maki, but maybe food the resembles maki?

Find out how to make these PB&J Sushi Rolls from Shine.

Click Image for Recipe

You don’t need to spend any extra money on those Uncrustables at the supermarket.

Make your own using a sandwich pastry press from Tasty Kitchen.

Click Image for Recipe

Framed Cooks made a batch of PB&J Bars that look better than the sandwich itself.

Click Image for Recipe

Betty Crocker shows you how to make easy peasy PB&J Cupcakes – starting with a cake mix.

Click Image for Recipe

I want to jump into that fluffy mess of Fruity PB&J Yogurt Dip from The Wannabe Chef.

Click Image for Recipe

Munchkin Munchies threw a Back to School Party for her grandkids and made this super awesome Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake.

What a fun tradition to celebrate year after year!

After all this PB&J inspiration, I think I better go fix one for myself…

Happy PB&J-ing! :-)

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