It’s O-FISH-al…

We are o-FISH-ally in the Back to School Season.

The Happy Buddy loves him some goldfish, so I have been busy sticking lots of little bags of them in his lunch pail every day before he heads off to PreK-3.

Here is a post inspired by those crunchy little snacks.

Click Image for Idea

This would be a fun after school snack for your Happy Buddies.

Stacy Julian set out some goldfish on a piece of blue paper (the pond), then handed out pretzel rods (the fishing rods).

The idea is to dip the pretzel rod into flavored cream cheese, or peanut butter, and then ‘go fishing’ for the snack in the pond (the goldfish will stick to the cream cheese covered pretzel rod).


Click Image for Idea

Cute As a Fox shows you how to make these super cool Fish Bowl-Shaped Snack Bags!

Click Image for Idea

Craft Junkie Too has a FREE Printable Bag Topper that you can staple to a Ziploc and fill with goldfish as a great first week of school goody for your Happy Buddy’s classmates.

Click Image for Idea

And this Classmate Goldfish Treat Idea from There’s a ‘1st’ for Everything is also super adorable.

Click Image for Idea

Your Happy Buddies will have the most popular lunch in school if you put their PB&J on this adorable Goldfish Bread from Pepperidge Farm (find it at your local grocery store!).

You can even use these little guys to make pizzas! Β Check it out HERE.

Click Image for Idea

Or slip a cute Goldfish/Grape Butterfly Snack into your Happy Buddy’s lunch box for a fluttery surprise!

Find how to make these over at Juggling With Kids.

Click Image for Idea

Oh, Katherine Marie. Β I love EVERYTHING you do.

Check out her Goldfish Themed Week HERE.

Click Image for Idea

Pinterest reeled me in with this cute craft featuring your Happy Buddy’s fingerprints and pasted on goldfish.

Click Image for Idea

Family Education shares this cute little Goldfish Color Matching Activity.

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, if you’re a fan of Ranch flavor, then this Goldfish Bowl Bites Snack Mix from Lick the Bowl Good is the perfect after school munchie for your Happy Home!

Do your Happy Buddies love goldfish???

Happy Goldfish-ing! :-)

The Fairy would love to hear from YOU! :-) Seriously, it's my favorite. Leave a comment!

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