Back to School Bus Paper Chain Countdown

By all means, this is not an original idea (got my inspiration from THIS GREAT SITE), but the Happy Buddy loved his Birthday Paper Chain Countdown so much that he practically begged me to make one to help him visualize how many days until school.

Poor guy is chompin’ at the bit to get back to school.

All he does around our Happy Home these days is hang out playing with his trains and cars while I wrestle the Happy Baby to take a bottle (more on that later). :-)

The Happy Buddy is going to be so thrilled to actually go somewhere and even put on something other than pajamas once school starts up.

We made our countdown using construction paper.

Easy Peasy!

There’s my happy little guy – headed for PreK-3!

Looking for other great countdown ideas?

I made an awesome FREE Printable Back to School Countdown last year – you’ll LOVE it.  Go HERE for it and share it with all of your friends please! :-)

And go HERE if you want even more creative Back to School Countdown ideas.

Happy Back to School Countdown-ing! :-)

7 thoughts on “Back to School Bus Paper Chain Countdown

  1. What a great idea — thank you so much for sharing!!! Starting a new school year is such a fun and exciting time! :-)

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear about your wrestling matches!

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