Bunny Crafts!

Y’all are going to think I am crazy to be posting today, but if I don’t keep myself busy in this hospital, I will be busy worrying about the Happy Baby! :-)

So, I have been hopping around Pinterest like a little bunny and found some fun Easter Bunny Crafts for you to do in these final days before our celebration on Sunday.

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Mom, if you are reading this post, will you please do this awesome Marshmallow Painted Easter Bunny Craft from No Time for Flashcards with the Happy Buddy?? :-)

Thanks for taking such good care of him while we are hanging with the Happy Baby!

Click Image for Idea

Simply Modern Mom made these adorable Easter Bunny Candy Pouches made out of paper!

Click Image for Idea

This Bunny Treat Shaker from Toddler Approved is a musical instrument AND a snack!

Two of the Happy Buddy’s favorite things! :-)

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With a little felt and some small jingly bells, your Happy Buddy can hop to the Egg Hunt in style with these Rabbit Feet Shoe Decorations from Family Fun.

Click Image for Idea

Go on an Easter picnic and pack everything in these great Bunny Bags found at Good Housekeeping made from a white paper lunch bag and some construction paper.

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The Happy Buddy and I crafted this Handprint Bunny Wreath together last year!

What a precious keepsake!  Check it out HERE.

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Experimenting Mom made these fun Hopping Easter Bunnies using some felt and pipe cleaners.

Her Happy Buddy had so much fun with it he didn’t want to go to bed!

Click Image for Idea

Secrets of a Supermommy dressed her Happy Buddies up in these simple paper Bunny Ears and then used a little black eyeliner to give them whiskers.

Click Image for Photo Credit

I think that knowing How to Draw a Bunny is a super important skill for you to know this Easter season.

You never know when your Happy Buddy might ask you how – we must be prepared!

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The Larson Lingo had a special visit from the Easter Bunny after they got home from church on Easter Sunday.

Plus, if you need Proof that the Easter Bunny Exists, go HERE.

Click Image for Idea

I am loving these NoBunny Loves You Like Jesus Tags from Detail-Oriented Diva!

They would make wonderful additions to your Happy Buddy’s Easter basket.

Click Image for Idea

Wouldn’t this be a hilarious treat for your Happy Buddies to enjoy this weekend?

Find the instructions for Bunny Butt Sundaes at D.I.Y. Louisville.

Click Image for Idea

Or make a Bunny Butt Sundae for your Happy Hubby and leave it for him to find beside this clever Easter Love Note from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of the Happy Hubby… A few years ago I made him Easter Bunny Pancakes that were easy and he loved them!

Check it out HERE.

P.S. Most of you know by now that my heart is to keep Christ the center of our Happy Home, but I fully believe in the abundant life Jesus died for us to have.  Making fun bunny crafts this time of year is okay with me – as long as my Happy Buddies are well aware of what’s Beyond the Bunny.

Besides, God made those fluffy little animals to be super pro-creators, a symbol of what our great God is in the business of doing!

Happy Bunny Craft-ing! :-)

10 thoughts on “Bunny Crafts!

  1. what wonderful ideas! I’ve saved them in my Easter files! Will definitely use some this year and save others for when my kiddos are a little older!
    Have a blessed Easter!

  2. I understand how you feel. Sometimes we just need to do something to keep our mind off of things and allow God to work His magic! I am praying for you and the happy baby. I love the treat container idea made from a soda bottle. I am definitely going to do that with my preschool class next year!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve been following your blog for a while and always love them. I’ve even managed to do some of the crafts you post with my kids (not that the crafts are so hard, of course!).

    I’ll be praying for your sweet, little Happy Bunny and for a fantastic recovery for you! (I’ve had five c-sections and I know it’s no walk in the park.)

    Have a blessed Easter!

  4. I think it’s great that you’re doing what you can to keep yourself busy, so that you don’t just sit there and worry. Thank you for all of the terrific ideas. My prayers are still going up for the happy baby and the rest of you.

    Today while I was praying for all of you I got to thinking that if you had been able to have a natural delivery it might have been worse for the happy babys breathing. Sometimes after an event takes place we can see why God’s plan was best, even though we thought we wanted things to happen a different way. My heart’s desire was to have several children. Long story – short, we only have one wonderful child. Years have passed and now I can see that due to circumstances in our life God’s plan for one child was the best thing for us. God is so good!

  5. P.S. We’re using your cross craft that you did with the Happy Buddy in our pre-school Sunday school class this week. I think they will love seeing the cross appear where the tape was when they finish painting their paper. :) Thanks. Hugs!!!

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