The Jellybean Date

Last night the Happy Hubby and I had a chance to have one last date night before we become a Happy Home of 4!

I had a game planned for us to play while we waited for our food.

I found these adorable little bags of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in the Dollar Bins at Target.

The idea of the game is to feed mystery flavors to your partner and vice versa.  If you guess the flavor correctly – you win a point!

I (you’re going to think I am crazy) am not a big fan of jellybeans, so the Happy Hubby was a trooper and just let me feed him random flavors while I took pictures of his reactions.

He wasn’t very good at guessing the flavors, but his facial expressions were pretty awesome. :-)First, I popped a Lemon Lime jelly bean in his mouth.

He was pretty pleased with the taste, but he guessed the flavor to be Cotton Candy.Next I gave him a Toasted Marshmallow jelly bean.

He was not quite as thrilled with that one.That’s my hand popping a Chocolate Pudding jelly bean in his mouth.

He was rather horrified by that one’s flavor.

He felt the need to ‘cleanse his palate’ with a loaf of bread.

I laughed so hard I think I almost went into labor!! :-)

Maybe you and your Happy Hubby will enjoy The Jellybean Date, as well.

Simply grab a small bag of beans and have fun!When it’s all over, don’t forget to turn to your man and say, “Thanks for BEAN my date, babe!”

Happy Jellybean Date-ing! :-)

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4 thoughts on “The Jellybean Date

  1. We had a jellybean date the other night too! Sam thought about as highly of the Chocolate Pudding one as Ryan did. :) Thanks for the fun idea. Sorry to miss you yesterday – will be praying that everything goes beautifully tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet the new young man! Love, Laura K.

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