Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been compiling some seriously cute and seriously easy and seriously cheap Heart Craft Ideas for you to do with your Happy Buddies this month.

I’d love to know which ones you will try!

Click Image for Idea

How CUTE are these little Walking Finger Puppet Hearts from Family Fun?

I picked this craft out to do with our church’s Sunday School classes this week. :-)

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Decorate your Happy Home’s windows with these simple and beautiful Stained Glass Hearts from All Kids Network.

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Finally!  A craft from Martha Stewart that doesn’t intimidate me! :-)

These Felt Heart Button Covers couldn’t be easier to make.  Just take red or pink felt, cut into heart shapes, and make a small slit in the center.  Slip over the buttons on your Happy Buddy’s shirt for a sweet little Valentine Fashion Statement!

I think it would be even funnier to put a bunch on your Happy Hubby’s shirt for work as a surprise. :-)

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I saw this in Family Fun this year and thought – BRILLIANT!  An easy way to create an Adoily-able T-Shirt for Valentine’s Day with your Happy Buddies!

Simply take a T-shirt, a heart-shaped doily, a sponge and some paint.  Then put some paint on the sponge and paint over the doily and onto the heart.  When you peel the doily away you will have a fancy heart design!

Click Image for Idea

Blissfully Domestic has a wonderful way to recycle all of those old snack and cereal boxes by using them to make a Cardboard Heart-Shaped Garland.

I think these would look adorable hanging around everywhere to bring some Valentine cheer!  Frugal and cute!

Click Image for Idea

This Paper Heart Wreath from The Hybrid Chick is soooooo simple to make and what an adorable Valentine decoration.

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This idea is so clever!

A Mom With a Lesson Plan cut out several paper hearts, numbered then, and then had her toddler Happy Buddy do a Heart Hop from one numbered heart to the next.

A great activity that is sure to bring about a good nap later! :-)

Click Image for Idea

No Time for Flashcards took the Heart Hop a step further by adding activity suggestions on the hearts instead of numbers.

She played some music and had her Happy Buddy hop from one heart to the next.  Whenever the music stopped, her Happy Buddy would perform the task of whatever heart he landed on.

Click Image for Idea

I shared this idea last year during our 25 Days of Love Fun.

Give each person in your Happy Home a Heart Attack on their bedroom doors!

You can read more about this fun tradition HERE.

Click Image for Idea

The cross… The very place that the Greatest Act of Love happened.

The Crafty Classroom featured this sweet art project where you take a white crayon, draw a cross, and then paint over it with watercolors.  The precious symbol will be revealed with each stroke of the paintbrush!

Click Image for Idea

Here is another fun Heart-Shaped Water Color Resist Valentine from BHG that reveals secret Love Notes. :-)

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, these Love Goggles from Make and Takes are so funny, so simple, and so perfect for Valentine’s Day that I had to buy 300 red pipe cleaners and teach all of the women at our MOMs group yesterday how to make them!

Just what you need to greet the Happy Hubby when he comes from work!

Here’s a pic of some of the mommies and their festive eye wear. :-)

Happy Heart Craft-ing!

10 thoughts on “Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day

  1. You guys look so good in your *LOVE* goggles! I love that everyone made them, even the adults. So funny! Thanks for sharing and for linking back to Make and Takes! :)

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! I wanted to comment that the water-resist secret love notes/cross reveal didn’t work for me with a “washable” crayon, but it worked great with a regular one. My 3 year old and I had fun doing other hidden pictures/words/numbers, too! Plain cardstock worked best for us.

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