For the Birds… Not the Ducks

See those guys?

Let me introduce you to our Happy Home’s ducks.

Every day we wake up to a flock of these birds hanging out on our front lawn, hoping to discover a Cheerio or pretzel bit that has fallen out of the Happy Buddy’s lap when I pull him out of the car.

At first I thought those ducks were charming and I rather relished that nurturing feeling of providing a midday snack for them.Β  The Happy Buddy and I frequently dropped scraps of bread and crackers for fun on a sunny day.

But then they just kept coming.

Pretty soon it wasn’t just a few ducks looking for a nibble, but instead there were suddenly 75 ravenous crazy beasts taking over our lawn and practically running us down whenever we stepped outside!

To make matters worse, they started leaving their thanks in a very ungrateful manner.The Happy Buddy has become quite skilled at identifying duck poop.

So, dear Happy Home friends, this Winter, may you choose to look after the birds (those sweet creatures that flitter and flutter about and sing pretty songs and wrap your scarf around your neck – ever seen Sleeping Beauty?) and not the ducks.

Your pavement will thank you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Click Image for Idea

The Moffatt Girls made these super simple bird feeders using just peanut butter, birdseed and a toilet paper roll!

Click Image for Idea

My Blessed Life had fun with her Happy Buddy making these Pinecone Bird Feeders.

Your Happy Buddies will enjoy mashing the cereal and rolling everything in peanut butter – what messy fun!

Click Image for Idea

The Chocolate Muffin Tree strung together a simple Bird Feeder Garland that looks almost good enough for a human to eat.

Plus, she shares the title of a really neat children’s picture book that is the perfect read for after Christmas.

Click Image for Idea

Under the Table and Dreaming just grabbed a box of Cheerios and some floral wire for a really cute and Valentine’s Day-ish Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder.

Click Image for Idea

You could also use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and this easy peasy recipe from Alphamomfor an early Valentine’s Day lawn decoration!

Click Image for Idea

Look at this colorful display of unbelievably easy Play-Doh Lid Bird Feeders in the trees over at Meet the Dubiens!

What a dazzling sight!!Β  Those birds are going to think a party hit their neck of the woods. :-)

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, Red Ted Art featured this tasty-looking Bird Cake Recipe that will have any of your flying friends coming back for more.

When Winter is toughest, the birds in your backyard will be so blessed by your thoughtful provisions.

So, while you are feeding the birds, I am going to be shooing the ducks away so that we don’t have to worry about stepping in their giant doodoos any more. :-)

Happy Feeding the Birds-ing!

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