A Strainer and Some Pipe Cleaners

The Happy Buddy and I needed some sort of calming down activity to do for the 30 minutes before his nap the other day.

So I pulled out a trick I found on Pinterest!

All you need is a strainer and some pipe cleaners.Hard at work – just look at his concentration!

The idea is to have your Happy Buddies stick the pipe cleaners through the strainer’s holes.

Brilliant, right?!

By the time he was done I kind of thought the whole thing would turn into a UFO and return to the planet where it belongs!

But, boy, did the Happy Buddy have a great time.  It’s the little things, huh?

P.S. Do you notice anything magical about our strainer?? :-)


Speaking of strainers

Since the holidays are just around the corner…

Here is a fun and cheap Christmas gift idea found at Today’s Fabulous Finds!

Click Image for Instructions

The tag reads, “We couldn’t reSTRAIN ourselves from wishing you a very Merry Christmas!”

Head on over to Today’s Fabulous Finds for 14 other cute and affordable holiday gift ideas.

Happy Strainer and Pipe Cleaner-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “A Strainer and Some Pipe Cleaners

  1. After reading this post a few days ago we headed out to the 99 cent store yesterday to get pipe cleaners and another strainer (figured it was only 99 cents, the toddler could have his own) … this has been great fun and entertainment for my son!! Great idea, thanks for sharing, we’re enjoying it at our house too!

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