Turkey Traps

You'll never catch me!

A great activity to do with your Happy Buddies this Thanksgiving Eve is to try to catch a turkey!

Here’s what you will need…


  • 1 cardboard box (big enough to fit around a turkey)
  • 1 sturdy stick
  • A few kernels of corn (turkeys like to eat field corn, popcorn kernels, candy corn… any kind of corn!)
  • Feathers
  • A small treat :-)
  1. Print and read the Legend of the Turkey to your Happy Buddies (you can find it HERE).
  2. Tell your Happy Buddies that you are going to try to trap a turkey for Thanksgiving.
  3. Set the cardboard box upside down and prop one end up with the stick. Show your Happy Buddy how the turkey will knock the stick over to make the box fall. Place some corn under the box to serve as bait.
  4. Overnight, remove the corn and replace with the feathers and a small treat. If you want, add a little note/poem from the Turkey: “You tried to catch me, but I can’t be beat. So I left some candy for you to eat!” Β Or you can print one of these fun notes that I found HERE.
    Photo Source

    Or you could leave behind some chocolate-covered round candies as Turkey PooPoo. :-)

  5. In the morning your Happy Buddies will most likely find the box knocked down, but no turkey– just a few feathers and their treat!Β  Those turkeys are so tricky!

    Click Image to Read about a Turkey Trap!

*Read all about one Happy Home’s Turkey Trap Adventures HERE.

Happy Turkey Catch-ing! :-)

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