Turkey Box of Warm and Cozies

How cute is that?

A Happy Home friend of mine shared this adorable idea with me!

The local ministry for homeless that are church supports expressed a need for gloves and hats and other cold weather apparel.

Being that we live in South Florida, cold weather is kind of non-existent, but when it does come, homeless shelters usually aren’t well stocked.

My friend had her Happy Buddies buy several of those items (you can hit the Dollar Spot at Target for a great selection!), place them all in a box, wrap it up, and (in the Thanksgiving spirit) dress it to look like a turkey!

Then she and her Happy Buddies are going to deliver it to the homeless ministry together.

I love that this idea encourages our Happy Buddies to think about others – one of God’s greatest commands for our lives.

So the Happy Buddy and I had to make our own Turkey Box. :-)The Happy Buddy and all of our purchased apparel.We placed everything in a shoe box.Then we wrapped the box using a recycled grocery bag.

And added some turkey features with construction paper, glue, and googly eyes.We’ll  be heading out tomorrow to drop it off!

Happy Turkey Box-ing! :-)

One thought on “Turkey Box of Warm and Cozies

  1. What a wonderful idea! I give to those in need, but don’t think to take the time to make it festive or pretty for them, except at Christmas time. Thanks for opening my eyes and heart.

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