Thanksgiving Head Gear

I know several Happy Homes that have a neat tradition every Thanksgiving.

They make their Thanksgiving guests a special hat to wear throughout the feast.

What a great way to keep things light and happy while eating until your pants feel tight!

Here are some hat ideas if you’re interested in getting the whole family to join in on the head gear fun…

Click Image for Instructions

Go HERE for instructions to make an authentic-looking Pilgrim Hat!

Click Image for Instructions

All Kids Network has a super easy Pilgrim Hat as well.

*Interesting fact – did you know that the pilgrims we celebrate every Thanksgiving did not actually wear buckles on their clothes? Apparently, buckles did not come into fashion until the later 1600’s* :-)

Click Image for Instructions

To keep things gender specific, make the pilgrim hats for the guys and these adorable Pilgrim Bonnets for the girls!

Click Image for Instructions

Origami Owls has a Native American Hat that is unbelievably easy to make (2 supplies needed)- the band around the head is duct tape!

Click Image for Instructions

These Turkey Hats from Parents are just darling!

Click Image for Instructions

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of this Gobbling Head Gear from Family Fun.

Click Image for Instructions

Family Fun also suggests keeping it simple by setting out the supplies at a Thanksgiving Hat-Making Station for everyone to create their own using paper cups!

Click Image for Instructions

Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to eat unless they have one of these Turkey Leg Hats from HERE.

Click Image to Buy Hat for Your Baby

And I couldn’t resist this last one.

Had to throw it in to give you a smile if that Turkey Leg Hat didn’t already get you. :-)

I wish the baby in my tummy was already here so that I could get a photo like this!!!!

*P.S. We find out the gender of our baby next week!!!! STAY TUNED….*

What a fun tradition to start in your Happy Home!

No one will be able to take anyone seriously! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Head Gear-ing!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Head Gear

  1. Oh hilarious! I think mine are too young to resist demolishing the hat by their second bite, but I am definitely going to keep this in mind, if only to see the expression on my husband’s face when I bust them out and insist he wears some drumsticks on his head.

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