Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas

I have very vivid memories of our family’s Thanksgivings and all of the cousins seated at a small folding card table.

One of my cousins, who shall remain nameless, was known for slipping under the table to perform random tricks on the rest of us.

He’d grab our feet, tickle our knees, whatever.  It was always a surprise and always had us giggling.

Then there was the year where we all decided that we weren’t that into the mashed potatoes and thought they would do better stuffed into our drink glasses.

Oh, the list goes on.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas for those of you who have to entertain a bunch of hyper Happy Buddies on Turkey Day and would prefer the mashed potatoes to stay on their plates and kids in their seats.

Click Image for Instructions

Last year for my church’s MOM group I prepared a fun Thanksgiving Kid’s Table for the moms to use as inspiration.

I gathered a lot of my favorite (and simplest) ideas and put them all in one place!

You must go check out the pictures and cuteness HERE – I especially loved the Turkey Crayon Centerpiece.

Click Image for Instructions

There is a super incredible post over at Fiskars with all kinds of tips for creating a magical child-centered place setting.

That turkey drumstick place card makes me so happy and the Mayflower straws couldn’t be more easy!

Click Image for Instructions

Or maybe you are feeling even more ambitious than a drumstick.

One Charming Party made a giant turkey made out of paper bags.

And if that wasn’t kid-friendly enough, the turkey is ‘stuffed’ with popcorn.

It’s not as hard as it looks – ‘pop’ over for step-by-step photo instructions :-), as well as some more creative kid table ideas.

Click Image for Instructions

Parents shares how to turn the kid’s table cups into cute little turkeys that double as place cards.

Click Image for Instructions

Your Happy Buddies will love decorating their plates with snacks using this clever (and frugal) idea from The Idea Room.

Click Image for Printable

Lily’s Laundry offers this FREE printable Happy Turkey Day Banner for you to display over the kid’s table.

Click Image for Instructions

This gal made sweet Turkey Placemats and topped them with clear plates.

I couldn’t resist all those bright colors!

Click Image for Instructions

I love this table from Southern Living because it has a checklist on the side for the kid’s to check off whenever they have eaten something.

Love that brown butcher paper tablecloth – just let the kids draw right on it!

Plus, those plastic wishbones are just screaming ‘fun’ to me!

Click Image for Printables

And, finally, Shindig Parties TO GO has the GREATEST set of FREE Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Printables you could ever imagine.

Including a printable for a Mayflower Ship Centerpiece.

And if the Happy Buddies are still at a loss for something to do, throw one of these amazing Turkey Crafts at them.

Or have them play Don’t Eat Tom Turkey (this guarantees at least an hour of preoccupation). :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Kid Table-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas

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  2. I absolutely love these ideas! I also remember sitting at a folding card table with a few of my cousins not exactly feeling a part of the party. These ideas will bring the kids together and allow the mashed potatoes to stay on the plate. Anything to entertain kids and allow them to be creative is a great thing.

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