Lunch Box Week!

One of the most difficult things about going Back to School is…

Packing your Happy Buddy’s lunch every day!!!!

Dear Happy Home Friends, I really, really want to help you!

So, this week at Happy Home Fairy you will find a compilation of THE BEST Lunch Box Ideas from around the web.

Whether it’s the hardware, the accessories, the actual food, or even the love, Happy Home Fairy’s going to have it all.

To start things off, I can’t think of a better thing to put in your Happy Buddy’s lunch box than God’s Word.

Click Image for Printable

Holy Experience has an amazing FREE printable for you!

8 Bible Verse Sandwich Wrappers that speak the Truth!

Who knew a sandwich could be so inspiring? :-)

Happy Lunch Box Week-ing! :-)

*Come back tomorrow for Lunch Box Tools of the Trade!*

2 thoughts on “Lunch Box Week!

  1. I love the ideas you share and use many of them, but even more I am thankful for all of the website that you lead me to. I have found several that have inspired me to rise above myself and they point to me and say to my heart , “sister, where are you in your walk with Jesus, is he your main man or do you have things that are more important?” So you have more than given helpful hints. I am thankful.

  2. Liz’s comment caused me to click on the link for the sandwich wrappers, and I was blown away by that person’s prior post – a 10 point manifesto for joyful parenting! Powerful words–inspiring and convicting for parents, grandparents, teachers…anyone.

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