FREE Printable Lunch Box Notes Round-Up

Get ready, people.

You are about to experience the MOTHER LOAD of FREE Printable Lunch Box Love Notes available around Blog World!

I’m pretty sure there’s enough material here to keep your Happy Buddy’s lunch box happy for an entire year!


Click Image for Printable

Adorable notes from Fresh Picked Whimsy!

Click Image for Printable

Fresh Picked Whimsy also has a second set of printable notes that are sure to bring a smile to your Happy Buddy’s face.

Click Image for Printable

Um, does anyone else think that You are the sprinkles on my cupcake is the sweetest saying EVER?

Pick these precious notes up HERE.

Click Image for Printable

Y’all know I am all for a good pun.

These fruit-themed lunch notes from Alphamom are so clever!

Click Image for Printable

Moms By Heart have these Free Printable notes of encouragement.

Click Image for Printable

How Does She? always has the greatest ideas and printables.

And these Lunch Box Love Notes and Jokes are no exception!

Click Image for Printable

Rook No. 17 has some vintage-style Lunch Box Love Notes.

Click Image for Printable

Kristen Duke Photography made 3 pages of fun jokes to print and slip in your Happy Buddy’s lunch box!

Click Image for Printable

I think these notes from Fancy Pants Prints are just adorable!

Click Image for Printable

All for the Boys made these funny notes.

Click Image for Printable

These notes from Lunchboxes with Love make me happy.

That little frog is just darling!

Click Image for Printable

If your Happy Home is a big Disney fan likes ours, then I know your Happy Buddies will be thrilled to find their favorite characters hanging out alongside their PB&J’s!

Grab your own set (they offer gender-specific options) HERE.

Click Image for Printable

The Happy Buddy has been getting these joke notes from Kraft Foods in his lunch box this week!

Click Image for Printable

Does your Happy Buddy have allergies?

These FREE Printable notes and tags from Paper and Pigtails are awesome for alerting teachers and friends.

Click Image for Printable

We all know that love notes aren’t the only thing that go in lunch boxes.

A Little Delightful has a FREE Printable Lunch Planner to help plan the food part, too!

Click Image for Printable

And, finally, don’t forget that Happy Home Fairy has a fabulous set of Lunch Box Jokes Notes for your Happy Home!

Get them HERE!

Happy FREE Printable Lunch Box Note-ing! :-)

18 thoughts on “FREE Printable Lunch Box Notes Round-Up

  1. Faith loved the Happy Home Fairy’s corny jokes in her lunch box she takes her snack to P.E. in this week!
    And since we got rained out of our back to school picnic (we homeschool), we took out school lunch boxes to the mall and ate in the food court. Awesome fun!

  2. I just wanted to Thank You for going through the effort of creating this post! I have a little second grade boy who has struggled making friends….doesn’t know how to initiate it. In one of his recent homework assignments….he was asked to list something that comes to mind when SAD, he put ‘when friends don’t want to play with me’. I talked to him about it and threw out the idea: “How bout I put a different joke in your lunch everyday that you can share with everyone”? “This will initiate conversation!” …He was thrilled about the idea. Tomorrow we start. I am a regular subscriber to your emails and I appreciate all that you do

    • Sarah, your comment blessed me so much! Thank you for letting me know how God is using that post in your Happy Home! I will be praying for your Happy Buddy and that those jokes will be an open door for new friendships. You are a great mom!

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