Gearing Up for Back to School!

Greetings, Happy Home Earthlings.

Objective – Share some Robot-Themed Back to School Inspirations.

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How cute is this Robot Lunch Box?

It’s kind of on the pricey side, but I couldn’t resist including it in this post because I just love looking at it!!!

Click Image for Instructions

Need a place for all of those school supplies you just purchased?

Sara’s Art House created this amazing Back to School Robot that will make storing pencils out of this world!

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Speaking of school supplies, these Robot Scissors are perfect for snipping and cutting!

Click Image for Instructions

Send your Happy Buddy to school with a Robot Sandwich like this one from Cookie Cutter Lunch.

Click Image for Instructions

Your Happy Buddy will love having a Robot Lunch Sack to show off to all his friends in the cafeteria.

The Kid’s Fun Review gives the simple instructions to make one – all you need is some colored paper, googly eyes and a brown lunch bag!

Click Image for Printable

Don’t forget to throw in some Robot Lunch Box Love Notes like these FREE Printable ones from Tangarang.

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Creative Mamma also has a FREE Robot Printable!

These Labels can be personalized with your Happy Buddy’s information so that his books never go missing again.

Click Image for Recipe and Printable

What a cute after school snack!

Fuzz Food shares her recipe for Nuts and Bolts as well as the link for the FREE Printable Treat Topper.

Click Image for Instructions

Dandelion Design set up a Build Your Own Robot Station for her Happy Buddies that included pretzel sticks and marshmallows.

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The Happy Buddy is way into learning his letters right now.

I know he’d love this amazing FREE Printable Robot Lab File Folder Game of matching capital and lower case letters.

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I thought these Robot Wall Decals would look so cute in your Happy Buddy’s Homework Headquarters!

Click Image for Instructions

And when your Happy Buddies are all schooled out and looking for a brain break, give them some empty boxes, aluminum foil, and a bunch of random craft supplies to create Recycled Robots!

Check out Cooking with my Kid for all the details of their creative robot-building afternoon.

I hope you are feeling Geared Up for school!

Happy Robot-ing! :-)

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