Mommy’s Back to School Survival Kit

You know that the first day of school is often more difficult for us Mommies than for our Happy Buddies!

I saw a cute idea here and decided to recreate it as a gift for the Happy Buddy’s PreK-2 classmates’ mommies.

Mommy’s Back to School Survival Kit!

Simply fill some gift bags with a small package of tissues and a few chocolate Kisses (because when the going gets tough, the tough eat chocolate).

Then print out this gonna-make-you-cry-and-realize-how-important-it-is-to-pray-for-our-Happy-Buddies poem and include it in your gift bag.

Click Image for Printable

Hand out to the Mommies in your Happy Buddy’s class on the first day of school and see many looks of gratitude as running mascara gets instantly remedied.


In case you were wondering how our Happy Home did on the Happy Buddy’s first day of schoolSome attempted shots with i heart naptime’s FREE Printable First Day of School signs.

He was kind of a wiggle worm that morning as he was kind of excited. :-)Can’t believe the Happy Buddy is in school!


I better go get my Mommy’s Back to School Survival Kit.

Happy Mommy’s Back to School Survival Kit-ing! :-)

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10 thoughts on “Mommy’s Back to School Survival Kit

  1. awww there is a little boy in khaki pants, navy polos, new shoes, and a big grin running around my house, too! Whatever will I do with all this new found free time? (oh yeah, B2S for mommy Monday, too!)

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  3. Love your Pray scripture reminder. Did you come up with this? It’s brillant! I’d love to share it with my Moms In Touch group. Is that OK? Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I just found this again when going through my “Parenting” board on Pinterest. The timing couldn’t be better on two points. 1) I’m trying to be more intentional about teaching my boys (5 years and almost 8 years old) to pray scripture. So, your printable is a great way for mama to do that herself. 2) I’m getting a little emotional about sending my youngest off to full-day Kindergarten in a couple weeks! Thanks again for this great post :)

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