No. 2’s.

Oh, those No. 2’s!!!

Don’t you love a fresh No. 2?

The smell of them?  Mmmm…

No, I am not talking about poo!

I am talking about pencils – get your mind out of the potty. :-)

I shared a really cute Popsicle Stick Pencil Craft on Wednesday and it inspired me so much that I hunted down a few more pencil ideas that I had to share!

So let’s get to the point!

Click Image for Instructions

One Charming Party had the brilliant idea of having a Pencil Exchange Party!!!

Wouldn’t that be so fun?!

Everyone brings a pack of brand-spankin’ new pencils to share with the other guests – that way everyone leaves with a case filled up for the new school year!

Click Image for Instructions

If you have a Pencil Exchange Party – then you better have a Pencil Cake like this one from Family Fun!

Click Image for Printable

What a sweet place setting for your Happy Buddy to find on the morning of the first day of school!

Those amazing gals at eighteen25 have done it again with these FREE Printable You’re So Sharp tags.

Click Image for Instructions

Not Just a Mommy made this fun recycled Pringle can Pencil Favor!

She filled them with little treats and trinkets to bless her Happy Buddy during the Back to School season.

Click Image for Instructions

Is anyone else totally stunned that pencils could create such a wondrous sight?!

Tatertots and Jello featured this surprisingly simple Starburst Pencil Mirror teacher gift.

Click Image for Instructions

Shindig Parties to Go made a cute Pencil Vase for her Happy Buddy’s teacher.

She even has the tag for you to print for FREE!

Click Image for Printable

Speaking of free, Paper Glitter made these FREE Printable Pencil Tags for you!

Do they not just make you happy?

I kind of want to carry one around in my pocket all day as a quick way to get cheered up. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

And last but not least, why not bring a little basket of these Pencil Treats for all of your Happy Buddy’s classmates?

With just some scrapbook paper, a pack of Rolos and a Hershey Kiss, Blackberry Vine gives you all the tips.

That last pun was the Happy Hubby’s brilliant contribution as he is reading over my shoulder. :-)

There’s never a dull moment around here!

Happy No. 2-ing! :-)

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