More Tips for Successful Morning Routines

On Tuesday we celebrated the effective implementation of a Rise and Shine Routine Chart for my niece, Rebekah.

When I was teaching, so many parents told me that they struggled to get their Happy Buddy out the door in the mornings.

Not every child learns/responds to the same things, so I thought I’d share a few more ways to inspire your Happy Home to have a stress free morning.

Click Image for Printable!

Living Locurto shared these FREE Printable Morning Routine Cards!

Wouldn’t they look so cute hanging on a little clothesline in your Happy Buddy’s room?

She has Afternoon Routine Cards too – so go check it out!

Click Image for Instructions

Family Fun has instructions on how to make a cute Morning Checklist Place Mat!

Click to Buy

This is a really cool idea that I have never seen before!

This is called The Ready Set Go! Board.Β  It is a magnetic board with a list of morning routine tasks.

Your Happy Buddy gets the thrill of sliding his magnet over to show that he has finished a task.

You can buy it HERE.

Or save yourself the $38 and make one with a magnet board and cute magnets from the Dollar Store!

Click Image for Printable Tags

I used to spend HOURS trying to pick out an outfit to wear when I was in school (and if you ask the Happy Hubby he will probably tell you that nothing has changed since then). :-)

I wish someone had told me about BHG’s FREE Printable Day-of-the-Week Labels to hang on my outfits at the beginning of the week so that all I had to do was grab, dress, and go!

Click Image for Ideas

What a clever way to help your Happy Buddy stay on top of each day of the week’s different responsibilities!

A door hanger that can be updated each morning with Post-It reminders like- Tuesdays: Make sure you pack your karate outfit!

Click Image for Article

I loved reading this No More Manic Mornings article by Parents Magazine.

And finally – for what it’s worth, I used to suggest these fun little tricks to my students’ parents to help their mornings go smoothly…

*Set a stopwatch and have your Happy Buddies race to complete morning tasks before the stopwatch buzzes.*

*Play a favorite song or worship tune and have your Happy Buddies be at the front door waiting before the song is over.*

And, let’s face it, Happy Home Friends.

Some mornings are just going to be crazy.

This is life with Happy Buddies!

On those days, you just need to wrap your Happy Buddy in a big hug before they head out the door and pray together.

That’s the best way to keep the ‘Happy’ in your Happy Home each and every morning!

Happy Successful Morning Routine-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “More Tips for Successful Morning Routines

  1. I bought a 6 cubby-hole organizer that hangs in the closet, I put one outfit (complete with matched socks) in each hole and school shoes in the bottom. Hope it helps my preschooler get dressed by himself!

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