Back to School Craft – Popsicle Stick Pencil

There is something about the Back to School season that makes me crave freshly sharpened pencils.

So when I saw this idea here, I thought maybe the Happy Buddy and I could craft one!It’s so easy!

Here is what you will need to make your own Popsicle Stick Pencil.Yellow paint

4 Popsicle Sticks (we used the large ones)

Pink paper

Tan paper

Cute ribbon


Black marker

Glue (forgot to put that in the picture!)Step 1 – Paint your popsicle sticks yellow.

Or, in the Happy Buddy’s case, get distracted and paint the scrap paper underneath the popsicle sticks yellow.Step 2 – Once the yellow paint has dried, glue the popsicle sticks together.

I originally had 5 sticks for this project, but after gluing 4 I decided that it didn’t need any more.

And yes, I did sprinkle some glitter on our Popsicle Stick Pencil.

There is just no other way to craft, in my opinion. :-)

Step 3 – Cut out a pink square of construction paper and glue to the back of the popsicle sticks.Step 4 – Cut out a triangle from the tan paper and use the black marker to color the tip of the pencil.

Glue the triangle to the back of the popsicle sticks at the opposite end of the pink square.

Step 5 – Glue a piece of ribbon to the back and when it’s all dry, hang it on a doorknob and celebrate how SHARP you are for crafting something so cute.

Then have your Happy Buddy present your Popsicle Stick Pencil to his/her teacher on the first day of school.

Your Happy Buddy’s teacher will think it’s No. 1 –

Not No. 2.

Happy Popsicle Stick Pencil-ing! :-)

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