Other Great Back to School Countdown Ideas

If you haven’t already printed out Happy Home Fairy’s Back to School Countdown, then go HERE immediately!

But if school in your area isn’t starting for longer than the 10 days featured on that printable, you might want some more ideas to help your Happy Buddy countdown to the big day.

Here are 5 great inspirations for you to try in your Happy Home!

Click Image for Instructions

Everything Moms has a special M&M Countdown with her Happy Buddy for the First Day of School!

Click Image for Instructions

Brassy Apple does the traditional Back to School Countdown Paper Chain.

I had a fun idea that would go along with your Back to School Paper Chain and it would get your Happy Home intentionally praying about the new year!  You can read about it HERE.

Click Image for Instructions

It Is What It Is is counting down the days until school begins with some treat-filled numbered lunch bags – just to make the loss of summer a little sweeter.

Click Image for Instructions

I am LOVING this totally tube-ular countdown from Family Fun!

Each day leading up to the first day of school your Happy Buddy receives a recycled paper towel tube filled with school supplies and treats!

This is a really easy craft to make and it just makes me happy!

I kind of want to make one for myself even though I am not the one in our Happy Home going back to school – teehee. :-)

I {heart} school supplies.

Click Image for Instructions

Okay, this is my FAVORITE Countdown Idea (besides my FREE Printable. :-)).

Pass the Cereal got some egg cartons, filled each space with a small toy, covered the top with tissue paper and attached an adorable poem to the top!!!!!  They gave these countdowns to some of their neighborhood friends.

You MUST go check out this post and be inspired!

Happy Back to School Countdown-ing Part 2! :-)

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