First Day of School Traditions

If you want your Happy Buddy to look forward to the first day of school, then make it a celebration!

Simply pick one of the following fabulous First Day of School Tradition Ideas and your Happy Home will be begging for that yellow school bus to whisk them away.

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The Back to School Fairy is one of my favorite traditions.

Your Happy Buddies wake up on the first day of school to a decorated breakfast celebrating their new grade.

Click HERE to read all about this fun tradition as well as print a FREE placemat.

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Here’s just the thing to get your Happy Buddies out of bed on the first day!

Celebrate with a special pancake breakfast like Our Life…So Far.

The special part?

Each student gets the letter or number of their new grade written on their pancake AND they get to eat however many pancakes equal to what grade they are entering (2nd grade = 2 pancakes).

Your Happy Buddies are going to love it when they’re in 12th grade. ;-)

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On the morning of Back to School, Skip to My Lou presents her Happy Buddy with a schultuete.

A what?? :-)

A schultuete is a special First Day of School Tradition celebrated in Germany.

It’s basically a giant cone filled with school supplies and candy.

Sounds like a dream come true to me!

Check out the easy instructions HERE!

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The Homespun Heart makes a special Time Capsule at the start of the school year to record thoughts and enjoyments about each of her Happy Buddies as they enter a new grade.

Click HERE to read more about it AND get a FREE Printable Interview to put in your Back to School Time Capsule!

Click Image for Instructions and Cookie Recipe

How Does She? celebrates the first day with a GIANT cookie.

Um, what Happy Buddy wouldn’t think that to be the most magical and delicious tradition EVER?!

Click Image for Instructions and More Cute Cake Pics

Mama’s a Mess bakes her Happy Buddy a special cake every year on the first day with her grade decorated into the icing.

The Happy Buddy just discovered M&M’s – life as we know it has changed forever.

I just may have to make this cake for his first day of PreK-2!

Click Image for Instructions

How about having a Magic School Bus visit your Happy Home the night before the first day?

Everything is Pink’s Happy Buddy finds a mysterious giant lunch bag (brown paper grocery bag – love it!) on her front porch that is filled with school supplies and candy.

You can read more about that amazing tradition HERE.

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Family Fun Friday crafted this adorably cheerful banner for her Happy Home’s Back to School Dinner – held the night before the first day.

Click Image for Party Details

Finally, Poca Cosa celebrates the start of a new year with a Back to School Bash complete with class periods (art, home ec, math, science, etc.) and a cafeteria-style lunch!

It’s the cutest party you will ever see.Β  Ever.

I hope you found some inspiration here to start a new tradition in your Happy Home!

Happy First Day of School Tradition-ing! :-)

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14 thoughts on “First Day of School Traditions

  1. Fun fun! I am so sad that Hannah will miss the last year of Kindergarten when they work the whole year on creating their own schuletuete! It really is a big deal. I think we’ll just have to make our own.

  2. I think I have the BEST B2S tradition EVER!

    Every year on the first day of school my grandmother would bake a SCHOOL BUS CAKE! Yes! A cake in the shape of a school bus iced yellow and black. AND she would “laminate” a wallet sized picture of us with tape and place each grandchild (oldest in back to youngest in front) in the windows of the bus! It was such fun! Its a memory I cherish. I can’t wait to make a school bus cake for my 4yo in a few weeks!

    (Okay, I CAN wait, but having lots of B2S fun might help me not cry as much!)

    Since I don’t have a handy dandy school bus/van cake mold, I’m making mine cakeboss style by carving it from a regular cake and using cupcake wheels with LOTS of icing magic. =)

  3. Precious ideas! We are SO going to decorate pancakes with our grade for the first day of school. Daddy has an awesome pancake batter squirter from Williams-Sonoma that allows him to draw with pancake batter.

    And, Happy Home Fairy, homeschooling is in your future. You would be the happiest homeschool mom on earth:)

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