Easter Basket Filler Ideas

One year my mom put a little stuffed lamb in my Easter basket and I loved it so much I still have it to this day.

Do you need some inspiration on what to put in your Happy Buddy’s Easter baskets??

Here are a few ideas that I found over at 24/7 Moms as well as a few of my own!And then here are a few more sweet Easter basket filler ideas that I found over at Totally Tots that point our Happy Buddy’s hearts toward our risen Lord!A Stuffed Lamb – this represents the Lamb of God who came to take our sins away.Rock Candy or Pop Rocks – this represents the stone that was rolled away.An Empty Egg – the empty tomb!!

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A new Bible – this is the Happy Buddy’s favorite!!

A jar of colorful jellybeans with this inspiring printable poem found HERE!

I also found a really great set of Bible Trivia Cards at the Dollar Tree the other day!

I hope these ideas help you as you go searching for magical Easter Basket Fillers this weekend!

Happy Easter Basket Fill-ing! :-)

**Looking for Easter Basket Ideas for your Happy Hubby??  They need a basket too!  HOP over to THIS POST!**

7 thoughts on “Easter Basket Filler Ideas

  1. We have that Jesus Storybook Bible! I just finished reading it with my 5yr old. I love that one – the wording and pictures are so great! I’m thinking of getting zhu zhu pets for my boys’ baskets this year : )

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