Craft – Lepre-CUTIES :-)

Every holiday that comes around I always try to find some way to turn the Happy Buddy into something that represents that month.  For example, last month I turned the Happy Buddy into a bee for Valentine’s Day.

It only seemed natural in the month of March to turn the Happy Buddy into a…



Savor the cuteness of this little Lepre-cutie. :-)

This craft couldn’t be more easy.

It’s just a painted paper plate and some construction paper.

I followed the directions from HERE.

Only instead of making a regular leprechaun face, I printed out an 8×10 head-shot of the Happy Buddy (the pic I used was when he was 6 months old in case you are confused by how young he looks.  It happened to be a very elf-like picture of him), cut it out, and pasted it on.

What a perfect gift for the grandparents!

Or make one for each of your Happy Buddies and hang them on their bedroom doors on St. Patrick’s Day – what a fun surprise. :-)

Happy Lepre-cutie-ing! :-)

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