The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 19: Fun Games for Valentine’s Day

Teaching 2nd grade for 5 years was like the greatest job ever!  I couldn’t wait to plan for each holiday’s classroom celebration!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite (and EASY) Valentine Games with your Happy Home!

1.  Treasure Hunt – Pick up a package of heart-shaped erasers (I saw a pack of 50 Valentine-themed erasers in the dollar bins at Target).  Hide the erasers around your house.  Then send your kids out for an un-BEAT-able treasure hunt!

2.  Licorice Race – Have each family member (or player) put the end of a long piece of red string licorice in his/her mouth.  Then everyone must put their hands behind their back.  The first person to eat the whole piece – without using their hands – WINS!  *This is quite hilarious.  You better video it. :-)

3.  Spin the Bottle – Not what you think! :-)  Wayyyy better than that version you played in middle school!  Play the game as a family, but change the rules…  Whenever the bottle points to someone, the spinner must say something nice about that person.  Then they can give that person a Hershey’s Kiss.  So sweet. :-)

4.  Give a prize to the family member who can wear the most red to a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

5.  Heart Stacks – Making a tower of hearts isn’t as easy as you think!  Buy a few bags of small conversation hearts.  The object of the game is to build the tallest tower in an allotted amount of time (like 30 seconds).  When the time is up, the players counts their hearts to see who is the winner.  This is so much fun! *Idea from Amazing Moms.

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6.  Matchmaker – A Valentine’s Day word game where famous pairs come together.  Divide the children into 2 teams and form two rows facing each other. The first player on one side begins by asking the first player on the other team to complete this famous couple:

“Romeo and …..” the opposing player says “Juliet”

Continue down the row of players and then the other team starts…. “peanut butter and …..” – jelly

“Cookies and…….” – milk

“Eggs and……” – bacon

“Cinderella and …..” – Prince Charming

“Samson and …..” – Delilah

And so on.

I played this game at my birthday party last week!!  Here’s a video to understand how it could work.  We divided into two teams and whichever team finished going through the list of pairs provided was the winner.  It was so fun!

Here are the printable sheets of pairs we used!

7.  Valentine Present Pass – Here is a fun poem to read while passing presents!  Every time the word ‘pink’ is read, a present gets passed around a circle of players.  The person with the present at the end of the poem gets to keep it!

Pink, pink!

Our favorite color

Is pink, pink, pink!

And we always write letters

with pink, pink ink!

We like our lemonade

to drink, drink, drink,

but especially when

it’s a pink, pink drink!

We always use dishes

that are pink, pink, pink!

And wash them all clean

in a pink, pink sink.

If we had some pink paint

we think, think, think

we would paint the whole world

in pink, pink, pink!

I hope you find something here to use in your Happy Home or in your Happy Buddy’s classroom!

Happy Valentine’s Day Game-ing! :-)

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