The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 5: Love Dice

If your Happy Hubby is particularly amorous (are there any that aren’t?? :-)), then he will think YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN for bringing this set of Love Dice into your bedroom during the Valentine season!

Seriously, these babies just might get you some babies if you use them! Β Haha!

Just click the two images below (the first is the ACTION die and the second is the PLACE die), print out, and tape the dice together into a cube form by cutting on the solid lines and then folding on the dotted lines.

Now GET ROLLIN’! :-)

Happy Love Dice-ing! :-)

One thought on “The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 5: Love Dice

  1. Thank you :). You just motivated me to finally *make* the set of “talk blocks” I’ve been meaning to put together for many moons, but wasn’t confident enough to try. I realize it’s not exactly what you were suggesting, but I think (hope?) they’ll do us good anyway.

    Talk blocks are for those (like me) who aren’t very adept verbally–there are 3 blocks of feeling words (in one color) & 3 of actions (in another color). The idea is to pick one that best describes how you’re feeling & then to pick another side (of the other color) that best describes what you need. For example, I could set a pink block to read “irritable” and a green one to read “a hug” to say, “I feel irritable. I need a hug.” I’m thinking that just taking the time to wonder “what *do* I need?” will help & having the blocks might help me to *communicate* what I come up with (making it a “multiple choice” question that I can answer kinesthetically).

    At any rate, the experiment has progressed. Now I just need my prince to return from his trip so we can try it out!

    Gratefully yours,
    the Princess

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