The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 4: Ten Dollar Gift Date Night Challenge

So the other night the Happy Hubby, Happy Buddy and I were all just hanging around the house.

When suddenly, the Happy Hubby leapt up and announced that we were going to the mall because he had an idea.

Now, usually I am the one that is full of ideas, so when the Happy Hubby said he had one, you can bet that I was literally out the door in 30 seconds because I was so curious about his mysterious plan of wonder!  I am not even kidding when I tell you that I don’t even think the Happy Buddy had shoes on.

(Note – this is a big deal for me to get out the door in less than 20-30 minutes.  This meant I was REALLY.  EXCITED.)

As we were driving to the mall I was literally begging the Happy Hubby to tell me what his idea was.

Finally, he pulled out two, crisp ten dollar bills.

The Happy Hubby explained, “Here’s the plan.  We each get 30 minutes to buy each other a gift with one of these ten dollar bills.  Whoever gets the most creative gift is the winner!”

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I started shaking I was so excited. :-)

Every time we hit a red light I got so mad because it was holding us back from having fun with the Happy Hubby’s BRILLIANT PLAN OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

As soon as we were through the mall entrance, we took off in different directions, with the plan to meet back at the Food Court for dinner in thirty minutes.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I was done in 5. :-)

Let’s just say I like to buy the Happy Hubby presents!!!

Here’s what I picked up for him…

I went over the ten dollar limit by like 51 cents, but I figured it was okay because I knew that the Happy Hubby was really wanting this DVD!

When we finally met up in the Food Court, I found the Happy Hubby standing by my favorite eatery, telling the workers behind the counter all about our Adventure Date!

I felt like my face was going to blow up because I was smiling so much!

I also happened to notice that the Happy Hubby was holding a bag from Claire’s.

You know what that means…!!!


I burst into tears of happiness when the Happy Hubby gave me my Ten Dollar Gift of a new pot of shimmery body glitter (which I never leave home without wearing) and a beautiful new bottle of sparkly nail polish!!!

Oh, how I am reminded of the many, MANY reasons I married this man! :-)

He sure knows how to spoil me!

Oh, and he also gave me this card that had me cracking up.

That’s the outside.

Here’s what it said on the inside…


The Happy Hubby said that he thought of me when I saw it.  He said that I am every flavor of happy to him!

Is anyone tearing up yet?  I SURE WAS! :-)

As we were crawling into bed later that night, I couldn’t stop talking to my husband about how much fun I had on our Ten Dollar Gift Date Night Challenge.

Then I got to thinking – WHAT A GREAT IDEA TO SHARE ON MY BLOG!!!!

Happy Home Friends, you can TOTALLY do this with your loved one!  Just hit the bank for some cash, divvy it up, head to the mall, and off you go!  What a fun way to celebrate your love during this Valentine season!!!

And if you don’t have ten dollars to spare, how about two?  Make the challenge even more exciting by giving each person just one dollar to spend on the other and then visit a Dollar Tree to find your gifts.

And this idea isn’t just for Date Your Mate Magic.  You could totally do this as a fun Family Night activity in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Have each child pick a member of the family’s name from a hat (Secret Valentines) and then hit the Dollar Tree all together to shop for that person!

Have a big Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner (post to come) to unveil your thoughtful gifts!

So, what do you think, Happy Home Friends?

Kudos to the Happy Hubby for his brilliance!  And might I add that this is a great way to avoid the “Oh-no-it’s-Valentine’s-Day-and-I-forgot-to-get-you-something” debacle on the 14th!

Now…  The Happy Hubby and I want to hear your thoughts!

Who had the most creative gift?

Me or the Happy Hubby????

Happy Ten Dollar Gift Date Night-ing! :-)

17 thoughts on “The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 4: Ten Dollar Gift Date Night Challenge

  1. How fun! I’m proud of you Ryan! Also, had no idea that ya’ll liked Brian Regan! We introduced your parents to him when they were here at Thanksgiving. He is HILARIOUS!

  2. Where do you put your body glitter? I have seen it at the store, but I could never figure out how to wear it without looking ridiculous.

    I think your Hubby won for just coming up with the idea :)

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  4. I gave to say Happy Hubby on this one.. You knew exactly what to get him, but he had to choose colors and that can be stressful for our men. Plus he got you that hilarious card for a granddaughter… But lived what it said inside! He wins hands down. ( he seems like a keeper)

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