Thanksgiving Popcorn Tags – Free Printable!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to take a minute to thank the people in your Happy Home’s world.

I saw this idea floating around the blog-o-sphere and knew we had to try it out…

What to do…  Print out the tag below, attach to a microwavable bag of popcorn, and leave in a place where someone special is bound to find it!

I made ours for our mailman.

Don’t you think he’s going to love opening up the mailbox to find that our Happy Home has “POPPED” in to give him a Thanksgiving Blessing?

This idea can be given to ANYONE!

Why not leave it on your next door neighbor’s doorstep?  Or a co-worker’s desk?  Or your Happy Buddy’s teacher’s mailbox at school?  Or on top of your pastor’s Bible?  The possibilities are endless!

Just click the image below, print, and have fun “POPPING” in on someone this Thanksgiving!

Click Image for Printable

Happy Thanksgiving Popcorn Tag-ing! :-)

*To all of my email subscribers, thank YOU for letting this little Fairy ‘pop’ into your inbox each day!  And to my faithful friends who ‘pop’ by Happy Home Fairy each day – I am so grateful for you!  Happy Thanksgiving!*

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Popcorn Tags – Free Printable!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I love this idea! Would it be possible for you to make these tags for your readers with “I” instead of “We” and not include Love?

    Thanks so very much! Love your blog with so many extra terrific ideas!

    • Hey June! I sent you an email but I will leave a comment here too. I will work on creating a tag for you, but I won’t be able to upload it to the site until tomorrow evening. Will that be okay for you? Let me know! :-) Xoxo

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