Things I Am Loving This Week

I may have been a little overambitious last week when I pumped out 4 (FOUR) blog posts for y’all and I was also starting school at the same time.

There is something about an extra tough week that makes the overachiever in me want to succeed and prove to the world that I CAN WORK FULL TIME AND BLOG, TOO.

I don’t know if you happened to notice that this week –



Feeling a bit humbled over here.

But there are a few other things besides my job and kids that have been distracting me this week…


book2Every once in awhile I like to take a break from reading informative parenting/mothering books and simply enjoy something that doesn’t require any heavy thinking/processing on my part.  Melanie Shankle’s writing is so fun and easy to read.  This latest book of hers about friendship is hilarious!

Buy it HERE.


carboneroHave you guys seen this show?!  It’s called The Carbonaro Effect and holy cow, the hubs and I are completely hooked.  Every episode we are like hitting each other and going, “HOW DID HE DO THAT?!”  It’s astonishing!  Plus, the reactions of the people he plays his tricks on are absolutely priceless.


fairy favorites 1I am not even kidding when I tell you that Bryan and Katie Torwalt are my new obsession.  Katie’s voice is out of this world amazing.  But the thing I like most about their music is that the lyrics are so full of LIFE.  I don’t know about you, but putting songs like these on my lips is a great way to STAY FOCUSED.

Buy it HERE.


IMG_1533Y’all!  IT IS FINISHED. The joy in my heart literally KNOWS NO BOUNDS. Thank you all for sharing your resources with me – even more than the precious and generous financial contributions, the support that you have shown me here has encouraged my heart to keep on pursuing ways to use my gifts to point others to Christ.

In just ONE MONTH and through only 150 people, God has given me the most incredible blessing.  I pray that you will know how thankful I am for you and that the Lord’s favor and kindness would just be poured out on your lives!  And I pray that as my new site (which we have already started work on and let me tell you – WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!) and my soon-to-be-released eBook (more on that to come!!) will somehow be used by Him to bless you in return.  Thank you for everything!!  To GOD be the glory!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  I do have some posts in the works that I will hopefully get out to you before Halloween.


– Julie :-)

I’m In a Book!

the mom quilt - 2 (1)A few months ago I received an email from one of my favorite blogs, Meaningful Mama.

The email was a call for writers to be a part of a new eBook project she and a few other bloggers were starting called The Mom Quilt.

Here is what Jodi described about The Mom Quilt

We see a variety of moms in this world, each with their own unique stories of motherhood.  The stories are beautiful and unique, yet we are woven together through the common experience of motherhood.  The result is a beautiful tapestry that we want to celebrate.  “The Mom Quilt” will be a compilation of mom stories that unite us.  Think “Chicken Soup for the Soul” style, but with a focus on motherhood.  It will be a book that rejoices in our unique experiences and wonders at the similar ties that bind us together – the hope that we have for our children’s futures, the difficulties that we face, and the immense joy that motherhood brings to our hearts.

I was instantly interested, but then summer happened and we were busy playing with big boxes and surviving airplane travel.

The night before the submissions were due, however, I felt this gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit that I just had to write!  So I asked the hubs if he would bathe the boys and put them to bed so that I could write my chapter.

I sat down in my Prayer Chair and prayed for the Lord to guide my words (and to guide them quickly – haha!).  It was a close call, but I got the submission in before midnight and received a note several days later that my chapter would be included in the book!

My chapter is called The Happily Ever After We Didn’t Expect and I talk about how the Lord showed me the true beauty of motherhood through sacrifice and the laying down of my life for another.

I feel super honored to have my story alongside so many incredible mothers and writers – 64 to be exact!  I have no doubt that this book will make y’all laugh, cry, and be inspired as you press on in the mission field that is motherhood.

But WAIT!  I haven’t even told you the best part about this eBook…

The best part about this eBook is that 100% of the money made from eBook purchases will be donated to Kristen Welch’s Mercy House Ministry in Kenya.

The Mercy House needs a water well.  Currently, water is trucked in daily – which is time consuming and costly.  A new water well would not only bring a much needed resource to Mercy House, but it will also become an income generating opportunity as they sell the water to nearby villages!  In fact, Mercy House is already sitting on top of a water reservoir, but because it is located on a mountain, tapping into it will be an expensive process.  Through the selling of The Mom Quilt, we hope to raise $40,000 to bring water to women and children in Kenya.

You can read more about the project HERE.

buy-nowAnd you can buy an eBook and support this amazing cause by clicking HERE!

If you purchase the eBook – PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it as well as praise God for your faithfulness to help fund such a worthy endeavor.

Many Blessings,

Julie :-)

*Note – this book is an eBook and is not available in hard copy format.  You will receive a digital file after your purchase!

Fairy Favorites – Beards, Cookies, and a Miracle

Welcome to Happy Home Fairy!  If you are new here, I started a new series called Fairy Favorites – sporadic posts celebrating the little things in life.  Thinking about these small blessings has really helped me keep my focus on what He has done in my life, instead of on what He hasn’t.

It is my prayer that in sharing these little things that you, dear Reader, will be inclined to consider your own little things, in hopes that the exercise will inspire a grateful heart in the day-to-day mothering madness. :-)

Today’s Fairy Favorites include…duck dynasty

A few months ago a friend of ours was having a birthday and all he wanted was to have a Duck Dynasty marathon to celebrate.

The Happy Hubby and I don’t have cable, we get like 2 channels and I think they are in Spanish – ha!, so we were like, “What’s Duck Dynasty???”

Well, 5 minutes in and we were ready to call the babysitter and tell her she was spending the whole night with the boys because we had some serious TV watching to do.

I hopped on Amazon and bought the first 3 seasons the second we got home.

This show is HILARIOUS.

I just love how redemptive each episode is.  In a world of stressful-I-need-to-break-out-my-fat-pants-because-I-can’t-watch-without-eating-everything-in-the-house shows (ie. 24), this show really brings a light-hearted and fun end to these crazy days of parenting little ones.

Click to Buy

Click to Buy

About every 6 weeks the Happy Baby catches a bad cold.

One day a friend of mine left this on our doorstep and HOLY TOLEDO it gets the snot out a hundred thousand times better than those funny bulb things they give you in the hospital.

I could not actually use it myself for the longest time because it totally freaked me out – it was the Happy Hubby’s job (he is superhuman and has no fear) – but when we went to New Jersey without him and the Happy Baby was dreadfully congested, I had to put on my big girl pants and do it.

I am now proud to say that I am a booger-sucking professional.

We could not live without this product.

Seriously, EVERY mama of babies NEEDS to have one of these.  Life changer.iphone

Well, my friends, I finally entered the 21st century.

I am now an owner of an iPhone.

I knew this day would eventually come, but I have been resisting it due to my slightly Amish nature.  I am a bit scared of change/progress.

I liked my little 1922 flip phone.

The guy at the phone store handed me back my old phone when he was finished transferring the data and said, “You might want to put this in the Smithsonian.”

I love that I can take photos that are larger than the size of my thumb. :-)

And I am taking a dabble at Instagram – anybody out there on Instagram?  If you want to see more photos of me losing my mind on a daily basis with my precious lot, you can follow me HERE.

But I am having a hard time with the texting.  The Happy Hubby came upon me texting the other day with my one forefinger and he was like, “No no no no no.  Time to put your thumbs into training.  You can do this, babe.”

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Our Summer Bucket List called for the making of some M&M Cookies.

I found THIS RECIPE over at Lil’ Luna.

The Happy Buddy and I had so much fun baking them and they turned out great.

He asks to have one about every 15 seconds.


Finally, the other great thing about the iPhone is that I can take videos.

And capture moments like this…

Pretty amazing, huh???

Total Ephesians 3:20, amen?!

*Note – This video is proof that I am still trying to figure out the whole iPhone thing.*

What are your favorite things right now?

Happy Fairy Favorites-ing! :-)

Fairy Favorites – The Giant Fry and Other Randomness

Welcome to Happy Home Fairy!  If you are new here, I started a new series called Fairy Favorites – sporadic posts celebrating the little things in life.  Thinking about these small blessings has really helped me keep my focus on what He has done in my life, instead of on what He hasn’t.

It is my prayer that in sharing these little things that you, dear Reader, will be inclined to consider your own little things, in hopes that the exercise will inspire a grateful heart in the day-to-day mothering madness. :-)

Today’s Fairy Favorites include…

fave things book

Click Image to Buy

Have you people read this book?!!?

It is soooo adorable.

Seriously, this little boy wakes up one wintery day to his snowman looking slightly disheveled and droopy.  It prompts him to wonder what the snowman had been up to all night long that would make him look so different from the perky, perfectly formed creation he had made the day before.

Your Happy Buddies will love imagining with the author all of the fun adventures the snowmen go on while the rest of the world sleeps.

It’s such a great January read!fave things stamps

Y’all know I am a big fan of snail mail.

And you know I love Disney.

Combine the two with this set of Disney stamps I picked up at the post office the other day and talk about rocking the corner of an envelope!

I like to think that the people on the other end of our water bill get a smile on their face when they receive our magical payment. :-)fave things fry

We hit up a restaurant the other day to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday and the Happy Buddy went bonkers over this giant fry he found on his plate.

We had to document it’s unprecedented length!fave things color crew

The Happy Buddy was playing around on Netflix one morning when he stumbled upon this cutest show ever.

You won’t be able to watch just one episode.


Even the Happy Baby loves it – drained 7 ounces the other day in about 10 minutes all while having eyes glued to the Color Crew.

Click Image for Product Information

Click Image for Product Information

Finally, my mom recently picked up one of these awesome Better Homes and Gardens Storage Containers from WalMart for me.

It is so nice!  They are really affordable, stack easily, and have an incredible seal.

If you’re looking to get more organized in 2013, I say start with these!  Your pantry will thank you!

What little blessings are you thankful for this week??

Happy Fairy Favorite-ing! :-)

Fairy Favorites – The Christmas Gift Edition

I had a lot of fun writing THIS POST for you about some of my favorite things I enjoyed throughout the Christmas season.

It was really therapeutic for me to dwell on those small, favorite ‘happies’ that help cheer me up even on the most difficult day.

We tend to be super aware of the big blessings He gives us (our family, our homes, jobs, etc.), but often miss the little reminders of His love that He sends our way on a daily basis (a parking space up front, a day with no humidity – this is important for people who have frizzy hair like me -, or a snail mail from a friend…).

So I thought I might launch a series on Happy Home Fairy called Fairy Favorites where I occasionally share with you the little things that are blessing me.

It’s my prayer that in sharing these little things that you, dear reader, will be inclined to consider your own little things, in hopes that the exercise will inspire a grateful heart in the day-to-day mothering madness. :-)

Today’s Fairy Favorites include 5 of my favorite gifts that I received for Christmas this year…

favorite xmas gifts - boots#1 – A new pair of boots.

I hang my head in shame because I have never really been known to have a great sense of style.

Most of my wardrobe is comprised of clothes that I wore when I was in high school (which, if you’re thinking How, after 2 babies, does she still fit in her high school clothes?  you have a very valid point and the answer is – I don’t – which makes the whole matter all the worse).

I am always, ALWAYS about 2 years behind when it comes to what’s trendy.

By the time I catch on to what everyone’s wearing, everyone has already moved on to something else.

It’s taken me 2 years to get with the whole cute boot trend and boy am I glad they are still in style because I love them so much!  I even wear them with my pajamas (more evidence that you won’t be seeing me on Project Runway anytime soon)!!

favorite xmas gifts - eyes#2 – Giant Googly Eyes.

I don’t know about you but I am very passionate about googly eyes.

So when I opened this gift from my little brother and his girlfriend, I almost fell off the couch because I was so excited.

Now I just need to figure out where to put my giant pair of googly eyes…  I am thinking it’s going to have to be on something of the Happy Hubby’s as a funny surprise…  Maybe his car or his dresser?

favorite xmas gifts - book#3 – Beth Moore’s Breaking Free Day By Day Devotional Book.

Have any of you ever done the Beth Moore Breaking Free study?

It will totally and completely change your life.

I did it a few years ago with my mother-in-love and sisters-in-love. :-)  Loved every second of it.

So when I was given this devotional that has little daily snippets to read every morning, I knew it was just the thing I needed for a new year of quiet times.

favorite xmas gifts - splatter#4 – A Splatter Shield.

Holy cow I wish I had known about these things sooner!

Now when I make bacon we don’t slip and slide all over the floors from all the grease popping everywhere!

I truly loathe mopping, so anything that helps me avoid this particular chore is my new best friend.

twilight#5 – Twilight.

Okay, people.

I know that there are groups of precious friends who probably view this movie as less-than-wholesome, but I am just being honest with y’all and would appreciate it if you don’t judge me for absolutely loving every second of this movie! :-)

The Happy Hubby gave it to me as an anniversary present (we celebrated our 9th on December 27th, so it’s kind of like a Christmas gift) because I have been asking him for months if he’d watch it with me (note – I am also several years behind on whatever movies and books are trendy).

I was sooooo excited when I opened it up and we watched it as a part of our anniversary date.

LOOOOOOOVED it and maybe, just maybe, the Happy Hubby liked it, too, although you did NOT hear that bit of news from me or this very public blog.

Made the Happy Hubby drive me to Target the next day so that we could buy part 2.

Then discovered that my next door neighbor has the whole series so now you know why I haven’t blogged much since 2013 began.  Haha! :-)

And there you have it!

What were your favorite Christmas gifts?

Happy Fairy Favorites-ing! :-)