Easy Cross Craft

easy cross craft at happyhomefairy.comWe did this easy cross craft the other day with my 2 year olds.

They loved it.

easy cross craft 2Supplies:

Cross template (you can print a great one for free HERE)


Tissue paper squares

easy cross craft 3Step 1 – Paint some glue onto the cross.

**Hey, do you like my poncho?  It’s from my mom.** :-)

easy cross craft 4Step 2 – Have the kids crunch up the tissue paper squares into little balls.

So good for building up those fine motor skills!

easy cross craft 5easy cross craft 6easy cross craft 8easy cross craft 7Step 3 – Stick the tissue paper squares to the cross.

easy cross craft 9easy cross craft 10easy cross craft 1That is all!

They look so pretty hanging in our classroom.

And most important, they keep our hearts turned toward Jesus.

Happy Easy Cross Craft-ing! :-)

CUTE CRAFT ALERT – Turkey Yourself

turkey youself - such a cute craft to send to grandma this thanksgiving!

This little craft was so fun to put together and it only required a few supplies.

You will need a large photo of your Happy Buddy’s head, some colored card stock, glue, and scissors.

Snip everything out and then glue to a piece of thick paper.


Now we have the perfect thing to mail to the grandmas for Thanksgiving this year.

turkey youself - such a cute craft to send to grandma this thanksgiving!!

NOTE – This particular turkey will not be on the menu, do not worry. ;-)

Happy Turkey Youself-ing!

*Cute idea from HERE*

Easy Fall Tree Craft

easy fall tree craft!The trees here in South Florida stay pretty much the same all year round.

So when the season of fall hits, I have to find other ways to make up for this dilemma.

My little 2-year-olds had a lot of fun with this craft and it brought a real spirit of autumn to our classroom!

easy fall tree craftFor this craft you will need some construction paper (brown, yellow, red, and orange), some scissors, and a glue stick.

We cut out the tree trunks and had the kids glue them to a large sheet of construction paper.

We let the kids rip pieces of various colored paper to make the leaves (good for those fine motor skills!).

Next we drew a light circle with pencil over the trunk to indicate where the children should put the leaves.

Then we let them glue and stick leaves inside the circle.

We encouraged a few leaves to ‘fall’ outside the circle for an authentic seasonal effect.

easy fall tree craft!!Don’t you love them?!

Happy Easy Fall Tree Craft-ing! :-)

*See more super easy and super cute Fall Tree Crafts HERE!*

Craft – Knuckle Pumpkins

knuckle pumpkins - SUCH a cute and simple little craft for fall!

This little craft has definitely become my favorite so far this season!

And it couldn’t be easier.

Simply gather up some orange paint, a piece of paper and a paintbrush.

knuckle pumpkins 1Then have your Happy Buddy make a fist with her hand.  Paint the four fingers in the fist (not including the thumb) from one knuckle to the other.

knuckle pumpkins 2knuckle pumpkins 3Gently press your Happy Buddy’s fist on to the paper.  You may need to gently roll it back and forth to make sure the paint transfers well.

knuckle pumpkins 4knuckle pumpkins 5We cut our Knuckle Pumpkins out and made a little patch of them for our bulletin board in the hallway.

The craft really caught on and we started seeing Knuckle Pumpkins cropping up on other classroom bulletin boards.

knuckle pumpkins 6I like how this class added their own stems and vines.

What a sweet keepsake or little something to send to the grandparents this month!

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Happy Knuckle Pumpkin-ing! :-)

**Thanks to Early Activities and Projects for this great idea!**

The Calm Down Glitter Jar

the calm down glitter jar - a neat way to help an emotional child calm down!

So I am not going to lie, my firstborn is kind of an emotional roller coaster.

One second he is frolicking around the house singing worship songs, the next second he is flat out on the ground weeping that I forgot to call him by the name of his alter ego.

Or he’s flipping out because he can’t get his arms through the shirt holes.

Or he found out that I am serving strawberries with his beloved Saturday morning pancakes and now the. whole. day. is. ruined.

I’ve seen this idea around so many blogs and thought we would give it a try.

The idea is to make this Calm Down Glitter Jar, shake it up, and hand it to your Happy Buddy when he is having a meltdown feeling emotionally troubled.

You want to get your Happy Buddies so distracted by looking at all the pretty, swirling glitter that they forget what they were fussing about.

Genius, right?

I mean, glitter therapy?!  Yes, please.

Here is how to make one…

calm down glitter jar suppliesSupplies:

Clear jar (I used an old jar that used to have mushrooms in it)

CLEAR Elmer’s Glue (it is SO important that you buy the clear stuff and not the white stuff or else it will be milky.  Also, I hear the Elmer’s glitter glue works absolutely beautiful.)

HOT water (this helps the glue melt)

Ultra fine glitter (the finer the better – mine came from a Michael’s Arts and Crafts store)

You will also need a little hot glue (not pictured here because my glue gun looks like someone ran over it with a bulldozer and then threw some mud on it).

calm down glitter jar step 1Step 1 – Fill your jar with HOT water and then pour some glue into the water.

I probably used about 1/4 of the bottle of glue.  The more glue you put it in, the slower the glitter will move.

calm down glitter jar step 2Step 2 – Pour the glitter in and mix it around (I mixed mine using one of our table knives).  I literally dumped almost the entire vial of glitter into my jar.

You seriously can’t go wrong on this step.

Add more glue if you want.  You kind of just need to play with it until you see the glitter moving the way you want it to.  If you pour in too much glue, then your Happy Buddy will be waiting and staring at the jar for an unbelievably long time.

Mine settles after about 5 minutes.

calm down glitter jar - such a cute idea!!!Step 3 – Hot glue the lid to the jar so that you don’t have any accidents.

Speaking of accidents, if you are using a glass jar, may I suggest not thrusting it into the hands of a child who is so angry he just might hurl the thing across the room.


calm down glitter jarThe idea is to quietly embrace an emotional little friend and engage them with the jar before leaving them alone to calm down (hopefully entranced and not irrational).

That’s it!

the calm down glitter jar!Pretty cool, huh?

And I will let you in on a little secret – It works great on stressed out Happy Hubbies, too. ;-)

Happy Calm Down Glitter Jar-ing!

The Family Prayer Jar

Family Prayer Jar - cut out photos of family members, tape to popsicle sticks, put in jar and have your child choose one or two each night at prayer time! This is ADORABLE!After the success of our Back to School Prayer Paper Chain Countdown, I have been on a mission to find ways to encourage the Happy Buddy to continue to be mindful of others while praying.

I saw this amazing idea over at Simply Alicia and decided it had to be done.

family prayer jar1First I printed out a bunch of family photos and laminated them.

family prayer jar4family prayer jar5I cut out the faces (the bigger the face, the better it looked) and the Happy Baby helped me tape them onto some extra large popsicle sticks.

family prayer jar2family prayer jar3I took an old formula can and carefully ripped the label off so that I could use it as a guide for cutting out a new label with cute scrapbook paper.

I wrapped the scrapbook paper around the can and secured it with tape.

Family Prayer Jar - cut out photos of family members, tape to popsicle sticks, put in jar and have your child choose one or two each night at prayer time! This is so ADORABLE!I taped on a simple label and we put all of the popsicle sticks into the can.

I am so excited about our new Family Prayer Jar!

We could keep it by the Happy Buddy’s bed and choose 1 or 2 sticks at prayer time.

Or we could put it on the dining room table to add to our prayers at mealtime.

family prayer jar6This is such a neat, tangible idea for inspiring our children to pray for others and I loved that it was really easy to put together.

If you don’t have time to gather, print, and cut out photos, simply grab some popsicle sticks and write the names of family members (one on each stick) and pop them into a jar.

You could even add the names of other people in your community as prayer needs arise.

Family Prayer Jar - cut out photos of family members, tape to popsicle sticks, put in jar and have your child choose one or two each night at prayer time! This is ADORABLE!The possibilities are endless!

Happy Family Prayer Jar-ing! :-)

“First of all, I ask that you pray for all people.  Ask God to bless them and give them what they need…” 1 Timothy 2:1

Your Crafting With Kids Life Is About To Get Easier.

I know that a lot of us moms would love to do crafts with the Happy Buddies, but for one reason or another, we just can’t make it happen!

Maybe there are no googly eyes in the house {gasp!!!}, or the paint dried out, or someone spilled what looks like a bucket of unidentifiable sticky substance on the stack of construction paper, or the baby got into the gluestick again {weird diaper explained}…

Or maybe you have never even bought a pipe cleaner or pom pom in your life!

Or maybe you are just juggling 3 kids on your hips, making school lunches for what feels like an army, wiping noses and bottoms all day, going to bed wearing the same pajamas you woke up in and you’re like, “WHAT’S A CRAFT??????”

Well, I have an AMAZING answer for you today.kiwi_crate_logo_2x

Kiwi Crate contacted me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to try out one of their crates.  I checked out their site and was INSTANTLY hooked.

Kiwi Crate is committed to helping moms like me and you actually DO the crafts and projects we want to do with our Happy Buddies.

Because they do ALL the work.

The gist is, you go on their site, pick a themed ‘crate’ (which is a super cute box filled with all the supplies and instructions you need to complete an amazing craft or science experiment), purchase for a really great price, and then it arrives at your door.

kiwi crate1Your Happy Buddies will get really excited when the crate makes its appearance.

kiwi crate2We got to review The Wonders of Water Crate (a part of their Summer Discovery Series), which was stuffed with everything we needed to make our own sailboat as well as a neat watercolor project.

kiwi crate3kiwi crate4As you can see, the supplies provided are top notch.  I could not get over the cuteness factor.

And they literally supply everything – even an adorable mess mat and little plastic cup for the water we used in the watercolor craft.

kiwi crate5The Happy Buddy wanted to make the sailboat first, so we got right to work decorating our sails with puffy paint.

kiwi crate6After they dried, we followed the easy instructions to put the rest of the boat together and voila!  We were ready to get our creation into some water!

The boat worked awesome in the bath when we blew on the sail (couldn’t share those photos here – would have been too much censoring. :-)).  And there was even an instructional booklet that explained the science behind how sailboats use wind power to move.

After that, we wanted to try our cute sailboat outside on the Tin Foil River that was a part of our Summer Bucket List.

kiwi crate7kiwi crate8It. Was. Awesome.

We had such a great time with our Kiwi Crate.

And right now they are having a SUPER INCREDIBLE Back to School Sale that will set you up with subscription rates that could make your home craft happy for a whole year!!! :-) **Sale ends TONIGHT at 11:59 pm!**

What I loved the most, though, about our Kiwi Crate was that it provided my Happy Buddy and I with a way to have fun together, learn a little something, and create a moment that we will treasure forever.

Now just imagine having this as something you could look forward to on a regular basis!  No more last-minute runs to the Dollar Tree for popsicle sticks.

With Kiwi Crate, you are good to go.

For our next box (and there are literally a whole heap of options), I’ve got my eye on The Fairy Fun Crate.

Guess I better call the nieces over for that one. :-)

kiwi crate**BIG thanks to Kiwi Crate for letting me review their absolutely precious product.  I am a HUGE fan.

I pray you, dear readers, will show them some love!

Like their Facebook Page and tell them the Fairy sent you!**

Happy Kiwi Crate-ing! :-)