How To Not Hear “I’m Bored” This Summer – FREE Printable!

FREE Printable BORED sign for summer!You know it’s coming.

That moment when you’ve taken the kids to 13 trillion different water parks and play dates and ice cream parlors and libraries and malls and movies and bowling and after all that one of them is going to have the nerve to throw himself across the couch and say with an exasperated sigh, “I’m soooooo bored.”

When my hubby was little, if he ever, EVER dared to utter that phrase in his house, he was immediately issued a chore.

So he learned real quick how to keep himself entertained – especially during the summer months.

Another way to inspire your kids to not use the ‘b-word’ (although I am personally in favor of serving up housework – you will probably have the cleanest house ever this summer) is to use this fun FREE Printable.

Post it on your fridge as a handy, inspirational reference!BORED poster 1BORED poster 3

I think it’s time to clean my fridge. ;-)

**Click HERE for your FREE Printable for Summer!**

Happy No More BORED Summer-ing! :-)

9 thoughts on “How To Not Hear “I’m Bored” This Summer – FREE Printable!

  1. Love this, Julie!! Thank you!!

    Also, I’ve been wanting to ask if you’d like some hand me down school shirts for your boys? I have a bunch of BCS shirts from Charlie I’d like to give to a good home. Most of them were just from the school closet or given to me by other friends. So they are not all perfect, but having a lot of shirts sure is nice to cut down on laundry! :). So let me know if you’d like some and I’ll leave them by Ryan’s office at school.

    Thanks Julie! Ellen

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Rebecca! You will need to go to the bottom of an email from Happy Home Fairy and unsubscribe. Then re-subscribe on my site with new address. There also might be a special link in the subscription settings that will allow you to do it all in one place! I wish I had control over email subscriptions, but I don’t. :-) I am happy you are my reader!

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