A Fall Checklist – FREE Printable!

October is my favorite month.

South Florida living is not very conducive to enjoying a genuine autumn experience (it’s September and still 90 degrees out.  And humid – blech!), so I have to be super intentional about creating fall in our Happy Home.

A few years ago I made a little checklist to help keep our family on track.

You’ll find all of your favorite fall activities on this list (I think mine would have to be going to the pumpkin patch – hopefully this year’s trek will prove to be more successful than last year’s).

I hope you will print one off for your own Happy Home to check off together.

Click Image for Printable!

Some of the great ideas you’ll find on your FREE Printable Fall Checklist are…

Don’t you just feel fall-ish after reading that? :-)

**Get your FREE Printable Fall Checklist HERE.**

I’d love to hear how your Happy Home enjoys this beautiful season!

Happy Fall Checklist-ing! :-)

*You will find all of my other great ideas and printables for Fall HERE.*

9 thoughts on “A Fall Checklist – FREE Printable!

  1. Wow what great ideas I have found on this checklist!! I can’t wait to try them out sometime. BTW my latest book is set in Southern Florida. And I have relatives buried there. Needless to say south Florida holds a special place in my soul.

  2. Thanks Julie! Love these!

    Ps- thought of you last week when I bought my cinnamon broom…and I leave it in the back of my car to make it smell good and not like mildew! (How it smells after a long, wet summer)! It’s back there permanently now!!

    This helps me think FALL!! :)

    PSS- thanks for promoting MOPS!! You are awesome!!! :)

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Thank you!! I was just starting my annual “why do I have to live in a place with no seasons” pity party. These are such great ideas!

  4. Love the list Julie. Can’t wait to see you Wed. We will have a computer and projector. Do you need anything copied? Jen White


  5. So much fun… thank you for posting this! We have had a sick house for the past few weeks and I can’t wait to start some fall fun. Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas!

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