Dear Lightning Bugs, I Miss You.

such cute lightning bug craft ideas for summertime!One of the best things about summertime in the small New Jersey town I grew up in was catching fireflies.

My brothers and I would find a jar and fill it up so fast!

Some of my first babysitting jobs were in the summer of 1995.  I was so nervous and I remember asking my mom what in the world would I do with my new little clients before their bedtime?!

She responded cheerfully, “Catch fireflies!”

It was a terrible realization when my family relocated to Florida a few years later and we found that there were no. lightning bugs. anywhere.

I am now coping by putting together a fun little post that celebrates those blinky, happy little buggies.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Summertime usually means more booboos (all that outdoor play!) and more booboos means more bandaids in your medicine cabinet.

If you have fun colored bandaids on hand you can whip up this creative Bandage Lightning Bug Craft from No Time for Flashcards.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Do you find it hard to tell your Happy Buddies that they can’t bring their jar of fireflies inside for the night?

Come Together Kids has the perfect solution for a Glow In the Dark Firefly Jar using just 3 supplies.  So cute!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

How Does She? featured this great Lightning Bug Craft made from up-cycling a plastic bottle.

Toss in a glow stick and voila!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I love this simple Glowing Lightning Bug from All Kids Network using a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint for an authentic look.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I found one more way to use those leftover Easter eggs!

Apartment Therapy featured some stinkin’ cute Easter Egg Lightning Bugs that are so easy to make.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Finally, Amy, via Tatertots and Jello, made this Lightning Bug Jar Printable for you to attach to a mason jar and give as a neat mid-summer gift.

I am feeling so nostalgic for some fireflies!

If you have them in your area, please catch a few for me, will yah?


Happy Lightning Bug Craft-ing!

4 thoughts on “Dear Lightning Bugs, I Miss You.

  1. Considering all of the other bugs we have in South Florida, it really does make me feel a little cheated that we don’t have lightning bugs! :o)

  2. I remember seeing a little 3 y.o. girl “catching” fireflies, or lightening bugs as some of us call them. She wanted to be sure she caught them and she would grind her hands together not realizing she was smishing the heck out of them. The funny part was they still glowed even stuck on her pudgy little hands!!

  3. Reblogged this on Adri In Aly's Blog and commented:
    Awesome, my kid will love these crafts, they love to catch fireflies… Check this post out from one of most favorite blogs happy home fairy, she’s always always coming up with the most creative things to do with her kids.
    The band-aide fireflies is just to cute. And there is a free printable, so go check this out

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