To Whom It May Concern:

We were told that our son, the Happy Baby, would never lift his head, sit up, crawl, or walk.

At the beginning of this year, several people encouraged us to get connected with your program so that the Happy Baby could receive free therapy services.  It sounded too good to be true!  FREE?!?

Then our wonderful coordinator, Simone, gave us a call to tell us that she had placed the Happy Baby under the care of Miss Stacey.

The first day Miss Stacey arrived at our house (which was another incredible blessing in itself!  After months of driving 40 minutes to the hospital for all of the Happy Baby’s health issues, I could not believe that she was coming to US!), the Happy Baby and I were just beyond thrilled.  Miss Stacey was so warm and encouraging.  She immediately made a connection with the Happy Baby and announced that she was going to do everything she could to see him twice a week instead of the one day we had originally agreed upon.

Most of the Happy Baby’s life we’ve had doctors tell us his limitations.  That first day we met Miss Stacey, she looked me in the eye and said confidently, “This little guy has great potential.”

I have clung to these words ever since!

Our twice-a-week sessions are the highlight of the week!  We can’t wait to see what color scrubs she is wearing that day or what new things she has brought for him to play with.  Most of all, I love how knowledgeable Stacey is about her field.  She will be working with the Happy Baby and she will say, “Julie, he is so close to sitting up. I’ll bet he’ll be sitting on his own by next week.”

Sure enough, her prediction came true – pretty much to the day!  She went on to predict his pulling up on things and even crawling.  She diligently works with the Happy Baby and gives him the tools he needs to be successful.  Her professionalism and expertise have brought great comfort to my soul as I have watched her help our son overcome so many of the things other doctors claimed would be impossible.  And I have learned so many valuable tips and techniques along the way to partner in her work with the Happy Baby on the other 5 days of the week.

Perhaps, though, one of the most amazing things about Stacey is that she is a mom herself.  As a young, hard-working single woman, she felt called to adopt a little girl from Guatemala.  Being married with 2 kids and feeling overwhelmed most of the time, I cannot express enough how much I admire this woman for making such a beautiful, selfless, sacrificial decision to give a precious little girl such a fun, incredible, love-filled life.  I so enjoy hearing stories about her daughter, their love for the beach, and their generosity and service to others.  Stacey’s strength and confidence have helped me to grow in my own strength and confidence as a mom of a child with special needs.

I seriously could not have imagined a more amazing therapist for our son.  Thank you so much for bringing Miss Stacey to our door.


The Happy Baby’s mom :-)

13 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. What a wonderful story. I am so happy you found such a great caring person to work with your little one. It’s a very touching story. We wish your family and Miss Stacey the best!

  2. I remember reading that physical therapy is one of the most rewarding professions… There is such joy in seeing the positive difference that you make in someone’s life. Later, when I needed that therapy myself, I was filled with gratitude for these special people.

  3. I love reading your stories. Happy Baby cannot help but thrive in the atmosphere he is living in. I don’t think anything will stop his growth and he will be able to do anything he wants. I love how you are such a grateful young lady.

  4. hi there , i think you’re telling my story but you are in advance by some months , also my daughter was at hospital after she had born , everybody told me she gonna die or have low capabilities , but by the time she is developing well , of course she is delaying some how but i think she will be ok in months , you give me hope to continue , thank you .

  5. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read your post. Your therapist is actually your son’s angel…
    So glad to hear that he is learning and getting stronger. Continued blessings.

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  7. Thank the Lord for his mercy and kindness in bringing you such an incredible therapist! Just what you both needed!

  8. I am sorry to write this on your blog, but I do not see any other way to contact you. I too had a sweet baby boy that was born with hypotonia in 2011. As I sit here reading through all of your blogs, it is reminding me exactly of our story, except I believe our symptoms might have been a little worse. He almost never opened his eyes or “woke up”. After 7 weeks in the NICU and millions of genetic, metabolic, and every other test under sun done, we were sent home with a g-tube, hospice, and no diagnosis. We were able to be at home as a family of four for a week, before our sweet baby went to Heaven. I of course always wish, wonder, and google to find a diagnosis or an answer. So after reading about your PRECIOUS happy baby, and seeing how wonderful he is doing; I am so curious if you ever got a diagnosis. Would love if you wouldn’t mind emailing me. Totally understand if it’s none of my business, just always eager to see if there is an answer out there that could put me at rest a little. Everything about your journey reminded me of ours, but I am so thankful that your miracle baby is with you and doing so fabulous. What a fighter!! Thanks for taking the time to do these blogs!

    Alison (

  9. I was originally reading your blog for help with the idea of supplementing my little guy while I build my milk supply. I can only imagine what you and for family went through during your journey. In my professional life I am an early intervention teacher and I work with children under 5 with delays and disabilities. I am so happy to hear that you were able to receive help! There are so many families who do not hear about the free services from the early intervention world until it is their children are about school age. Thank you thank thank you for passing along your story from a breastfeeding and an early intervention perspective!

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