Slow and Steady – A Turtle Birthday Party

The last couple of birthday parties I planned were for the Happy Buddy and by ‘planned’ I mean I pinned a bunch of amazing ideas and then emailed them to my mom who made it all happen.  My mom is awesome and can do anything.

 You  can see the Happy Buddy’s incredible Monkey Party HERE and Train Party HERE.

For the Happy Baby, I didn’t want to have a big fussy party (plus, we couldn’t afford it), so just a few simple things came together for a really sweet turtle-themed ‘shell’-abration.

bday party cakeI made a turtle cake.

The phrase ‘valiant effort’ kept running through my noggin’ as I looked at my handiwork and then at the beautiful turtle cakes I had pinned HERE. :-)

bday party cupcakeI did ask my mom to make the cupcakes.

She got the recipe from HERE and totally nailed it!!

The rest of the party food was all stuff I pulled out of my pantry at the last second.  Chips and salsa, nuts, pretzels, and random boxes of raisins (turtle turds, I guess??? :-)).

bday favorI picked up these cute tin boxes from the Target Dollar Spot for party favors and filled them with leftover Easter grass and super simple turtle candies (recipe HERE).

All of the cousins worked on a fun paper plate turtle craft (idea from HERE), but I totally forgot to get photos of it.

bday songThe Happy Baby loved having everyone sing to him.

bday party candleBlowing out the candle was great fun.  You can’t see him, but big brother was standing right next to the Happy Hubby and I am pretty sure that 98% of the cake is covered in his saliva.

We got a few good photos of the Happy Baby going for the cake.bday party cake inspection

I like this one – as if he is contemplating whether or not he should go for it.

To smash?  Or not to smash?

Or praying to the Lord that it won’t make him throw up!  No birthday barfs in Jesus’ name! :-)bday cakebday party cake funbday party cake dropbday party cake face3He liked it for the first 3 seconds, then changed his mind.

bday smoochI got a big birthday smooch before we threw him in the bath.

You might be wondering why we did turtles… Whenever anyone asks me about how the Happy Baby is doing, I always respond with, “Slow and steady!”  This sweet little 1-year-old is in no rush.  He does things at his own pace.  He reminds me to slow down – to rest in the little, daily blessings and victories God gives.

And that, my friends, is the recipe for winning the race!

Happy Birthday Party for the Happy Baby-ing! :-)

10 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – A Turtle Birthday Party

  1. Absolutely 100% perfect birthday theme for your sweet baby boy! You make a budget friendly birthday party look like a million bucks :) Great job momma and CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far :-) God sure does amazing things!!

    PS – I think he is praying over his cake!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday baby Jet!!! I’m so proud of you and how far you have come…you are a trooper!! Slow and steady is just fine. Move to the beat of your own little drum, little man. That’s what our sweet Aiden does :-) God bless you sweetheart with a year filled with steady progress, a calm tummy, lots of laughter and special memories along the way! Love, Miss Marla :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Happy Baby – and to you Julie and your Happy Family. You are such an amazing woman. You are an inspiration beyond the words I can type. Thank you for blessing all of us by sharing your journey….and all the wonderful ways you enrich it and pass on to us – you have given us so many precious gifts that have made our family better/happier and encouraged and strengthened my faith.

  4. Happy Birthday to Happy Baby. Such a sweet little face. Knowing God is being glorified through your family. Can not believe how time has flown. I know it seems like the days have been long, but look where you are now. So thankful.

  5. It’s funny, how happy you can get sometimes, looking at someone else’s happiness without even knowing them. Happy Birthday to the Happy Baby! Loved the idea behind the turtles!

  6. That was a really cute birthday party. Hope that he had a great time!
    I just posted about a little polar bear party that I had for my little one who just turned 5!

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