You’ve Been Egged – He Is Risen Style (FREE Printable!)


I absolutely love the tradition of ‘egging’ someone’s house.

If you haven’t heard of it before, no, it does not mean you chuck raw eggs at your neighbor’s windows.

This kind of ‘egging’ is when you take a bunch of treat-filled plastic eggs, head to a friend’s house, jump out of the car, hide the eggs all over their lawn, and then hop back in the car and drive away.

When the ‘egged’ houses’ homeowners come outside they get to be surprised and blessed by the spontaneous egg hunt!

egged picI originally saw the idea and printable over at eighteen25.  Then I came across THIS PIN and fell in love with the Jesus-spin that was added to the whole ‘egging’ business.  I decided to combine the two ideas and make a fun FREE Printable (based on the same design as the one at eighteen25) for us to use on our ‘egging’ adventures – all while keeping it about Christ!

The other great thing about this FREE Printable is that it specifies 12 eggs.  I like the number 12 because it sounds really do-able.  You know, if you’ve ever thought about ‘egging’ someone before, you might have chickened out of doing it simply because you had this preconceived notion that you had to do like 40 eggs to make it any good.

Oh not so, my friend!  Keep it easy!  12 is all you need!

Plus, the specific number ensures that every egg will be found.

The Happy Buddy was very excited about the idea.

eggingWe got right to work stuffing our 12 eggs with stickers, mini Easter erasers, my FREE Printable Easter Notes from last year, and even a little bit of candy (be careful about the chocolate candy – you don’t want it to melt.  We knew our friends would be home soon after our mission was accomplished, so it was all good.).

And, of course, the empty egg – the most important one!

egging1We headed out, eggs in bucket.

And still wearing our pajamas – ‘cuz that’s how we roll.

egged3First we taped the sign to our friends’ door.

Then I set the Happy Buddy loose to hide the eggs.


When we were all done, we high-tailed it out of there as if we were being chased by Farmer McGregor himself!

I got some great text message photos an hour later when they got home and their Happy Buddy discovered the eggs.

The best part, though?

Knowing that we had shared the TRUE meaning of Easter with our friends. :-)

Would you like to ‘egg’ someone in your world this week?

egged8Get your FREE Printable ‘You’ve Been Egged’ sign right HERE.

Happy You’ve Been Egged – He Is Risen Style-ing! :-)

*Would love it if you might consider sharing this awesome FREE Printable with your friends – see sharing buttons below!  Let’s try to get EVERYONE ‘egging’ each other in the name of the One who is risen, indeed!*

19 thoughts on “You’ve Been Egged – He Is Risen Style (FREE Printable!)

  1. Thanks for this wonderful idea! I’ve already printed up the door note and made a list of friends I’ll be “egging”. What a blessing you are!

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  6. We are doing this for my niece BUT I have added an additional religious element. I found a really great activity on i-mom. …it is the easter story in a puzzle form. There are 15 puzzle pieces that each correlate to a part of the Easter story. Once all the eggs are found the family opens their eggs and an adult asks who has the donkey piece for example…whoever has it lays it on the table and someone reads the portion of the story and you keep going. I am going to leave an empty egg also because I love love that idea. This means you have to do 16 eggs but I dont think thats too much…it just means I cant use your printable.

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  14. thank you so much for this idea and adorable printable. We had a great time egging our neighbors and even our pastor’s office!

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