Recipe – Tebow Family Pizza Pie

tebow family pizza pie at happyhomefairy.comHave you heard Tim Tebow’s testimony?

How his mother, Pam, contracted a strange disease just before finding out she was pregnant?

Once they discovered her pregnancy, doctors advised her to abort because she had received some extreme doses of antibiotics that supposedly would have caused damage to the baby.

Well, Pam did not have an abortion.

And that precious little baby was born perfectly fine and then grew up to be the star quarterback for the Denver Broncos!

I love this story – not just because of God’s amazing, sovereign hand on that little miracle baby, but also Pam’s faith.

She had to walk through 9 months of total surrender – having to accept whatever God’s will was for her child – disability or not.

Sound familiar? :-)

I wish I could say I’ve walked the last 10+ months of the Happy Baby’s life with the same perspective – unwavering in trust – but it’s a hard road and I find myself having to daily check my spirit to make sure the enemy doesn’t let fear or doubt creep their way in to rob me of the vision He has given me concerning our own son.

When I saw that Pam Tebow had posted a famous family recipe for Pizza Pie (apparently Tim’s favorite) on Taste of Home, I had to give it a try in honor of a great woman of faith.

And it sure doesn’t hurt that the Happy Hubby could eat pizza practically every meal of every day of his life. :-)

pizza pie at happyhomefairy.comIt was a hit!!!

And super easy to make.

The only things I changed were I had to use a square pan because I don’t own a deep dish pie plate and I added a layer of pepperoni under the cheese because the hubs asked me to.

You can see the recipe at Taste of Home HERE, or enjoy this little recipe pie recipe card

Happy Tebow Family Pizza Pie-ing! :-)

*Does your Happy Home love pizza too?  Then you MUST check out our beloved BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe HERE, or our ultimate favorite Pizza Bubble recipe HERE!*

3 thoughts on “Recipe – Tebow Family Pizza Pie

  1. We are currently dieting at our house but this will be at the TOP of the list for after we are done! Sounds absolutely divine!

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