Easy Valentine Windsock

easy valentine windsock at happyhomefairy.comHere is one more last-minute craft you can do with your Happy Buddy’s this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

What you will need:valentine windsock 9

Large piece of a cereal box (I cut the front off of a Cheerios box)



Paint in Valentine’s Day colors (we used red, pink, and fuchsia)

Foam Stickers – letters and hearts (I got the ones in the photo from my second home – the Dollar Tree)

Streamers in Valentine’s Day colors (also from the Dollar Tree)

Ribbon (forgot to put that in the photo!)

How to make your windsock:

valentine windsock 10Step 1 – Paint the cereal box.  Let dry.

valentine windsock 1Step 2 – Cut out the shape of a heart.

valentine windsock 11Step 3 – Pick out your letters.  We wanted ours to celebrate the kind of love that Valentine’s Day is all about. :-)

valentine windsock 2Step 4 – Stick the letters on your heart.  Add heart stickers if you’d like.

valentine windsock 3

Step 5 – Cut streamers and attach to the back of the heart with tape.

valentine windsock 5

Step 6 – Cut a piece of ribbon and loop at the top, attaching with tape.

valentine windsock 6valentine windsock 8Step 7 – Hang it up.

That’s it!

Isn’t it lovely??

A precious reminder of our great God and His unfailing, perfect love for us.

Happy East Valentine Windsock-ing! :-)

“God is love.” 1 John 4:8

4 thoughts on “Easy Valentine Windsock

  1. I helped my preschool/kindergarten Sunday school class with this craft yesterday and they really enjoyed it………and thankfully not much paint mess :) Thanks!

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