Fall Tree Crafts

Yesterday was the first official day of fall!

I grew up in New Jersey and looooved watching the leaves on the trees change colors.

I think this quote by Emily Bronte says it best, “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.”

Here is a post in celebration of the Autumn Tree

Click Image for Idea

The Picky Apple had her Happy Buddy make this beautiful Fall Tree Cork Painting.

Click Image for Idea

No Time for Flashcards used some tri-colored pasta to create a super neat Fall Noodle Tree.

Click Image for Idea

Paint your Happy Buddy’s fingerprints in fall colors, cut out in a shape of a tree top, then slip into a recycled toilet paper tube.

Find complete directions for this Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft at All Kids Network.

Click Image for Idea

Walking by the Way used fingerprints for the leaves AND a handprint trunk in this great Fall Tree Hand Art.

Click Image for Idea

Grab some toothpicks and paint a Q-Tip Fall Tree like this one from HERE.

Click Image for Idea

I really like this pretty Sponge Painted Fall Tree from Family Fun– it’s super easy.

Click Image for Idea

Art Projects for Kids has a simple How-to-Draw-a-Fall-Tree that ANYONE could do!

Click Image for Idea

HERE is a great Fall Tree Craft using ripped pieces of paper.

Click Image for Idea

This craft from Busy Bee Kids Crafts has leaves that ACTUALLY FALL OFF THE TREE!  Check it out!

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, the Happy Buddy and I made this adorable Edible Fall Tree Snack last year.  See the delicious fun HERE.

Since we live in Florida now, I need all the Fall Tree Crafts I can get my hands on so we can recreate the magic amid palm trees and 90 degree weather. :-)

Happy Fall Tree Craft-ing!

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