FREE 16×20 Photo Canvas GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday you went on a tour of the Happy Buddy’s bright and fun Big Boy Room!

Today I am sooooo jazzed to tell you that during the decorating process, I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints.

They asked if I wanted to do a review on my blog of their product, as well as offer the same product to one of my sweet readers.

Now I get quite a few offers like this, but I usually turn them down because I am committed to keeping this site ad-free.  I never want you to feel overwhelmed by a whole bunch of extra stuff.

I only want to offer you the stuff that will help you build a Happy Home.

With that said, ever since the Happy Baby was born, I have had an increase in desire to fill our Happy Home with photos of our family.

We have been through a lot together and I want to preserve and celebrate the moments that have shaped us into the Happy Home we are today.

This photo of the Happy Buddy was such a sweet captured minute in the kitchen while the Happy Baby was in the hospital.  The Happy Buddy was so patient with me during that season – putting up with my being gone a lot and then when I was home, putting up with my blubbering like every 5 seconds.

Easy Canvas Prints was such a great company to work with!  Their website was easy to use, they run AMAZING promotions and offers all the time (like RIGHT NOW you can get 25% off all canvas orders as well as FREE Standard Shipping – LOVE!), and they are super speedy with delivery.

I had such a great time working with Easy Canvas Prints that now I am starting to think about heading over to their sister site, Build A Sign, and ordering a fun magnet for my car or even a bumper sticker advertising Happy Home Fairy!

The day my photo canvas arrived it was pouring like a monsoon.  I pulled in the driveway and saw the big package sitting in the rain and I got so nervous that the picture was ruined!  But Easy Canvas Prints wrapped it up so awesome that the canvas was perfectly dry and intact.

Then I immediately got to work on baking the Happy Hubby some brownies in order to finagle him into hanging it for me.

I think it looks just perfect in the Happy Buddy’s new Big Boy Room and is a reminder to me of this sweet lil’ guy who helped me survive a very trying season (and still is!).

Do you have a photo that you would like to have made into a Photo Canvas for your Happy Home?

I will be giving one FREE 16×20 Photo Canvas to one of you!

Here are the rules for this awesome GIVEAWAY

1.  Leave a comment below telling me what picture you would like to get as a Photo Canvas if you were to win.  I want to hear why the photo is special to you and even where you might hang it in your Happy Home!

2.  Make sure you leave your name and EMAIL ADDRESS.

3.  Extra BONUS POINTS if you tell me in your comment that you are an email subscriber to Happy Home Fairy AND you ‘LIKE’ the Fairy on Facebook.

4.  The GIVEAWAY will close Tuesday, September 18th at midnight.

5.  Winner will be notified by email.

I can’t wait to hear what photos you guys want to see in your Happy Home!


Happy Giveaway-ing! :-)

109 thoughts on “FREE 16×20 Photo Canvas GIVEAWAY!

  1. This one is easy…..I would have a picture of my three granddaughters made and place it in my living room, Zoe is 2, Adalyn is 7 months, and Shiloh is 6 months. I am a fan on facebook and follow you blog.
    Martha Hughes

  2. I am a fan on facebook and receive the email updates. I’ve been following your happy home and family for some time and you have been in my thoughts and prayers so often that I feel like I “really” know you. :) I love your creativity and the love for your family and our God is evident in all you do.

    If I won the giveaway I’d use a picture I have of my two guys (6 & 7) from the beach. My oldest has his arm around his younger brother in a protective and proud way and it’s obvious on their faces that they are filled with happiness and love for each other and also for me. The look on their faces get me each time I see them. If I don’t win, I’m still going to do it for myself some day.

    Blessings in all you do!

    • I am a big fan of this blog (e-mail subscriber) & I also follow you on facebook! In fact, my two little guys (6&4) are in for quite a treat today when they open their lunch boxes – everything is wrapped in Camo wrapping paper!! I can’t wait for the day to end so I can hear all about it!!

      Anywhoo – I would print a picture of my three kiddos. I have 2 boys (mentioned above) and a 1 year old girl. The three of them are absolutely darling together and they LOVE to smile and cheese it up for the camera. Their bond is amazing and I know that soon they will be grown and these precious moments will only be a memory. SO – I’d capture a moment of their silliness & display it proudly in the living room – where we dance, wrestle, do devotions and enjoy each other.

      On a side note – for no extra bonus points – I really do want to thank you for all your fun ideas and creativity. My family has been blessed by it and we’ve started some fun traditions based off of some of your ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great relationship with my mom and I’ve struggled since I found out baby #3 was a girl with the fear of not being close to my daughter. I’ve really been blessed to read about your relationship with you mom and find hope in that for me and my precious little girl. Thanks for all you do! Your family is in our prayers!

  3. Gosh so many choices! I could do one of my say care kids or do a collage of my kids when they were babies ( not hard with a three mo old :) ). I love your emails as I subscribe and get an added bonus of seeing your love on facebook too! Thanks for sharing

  4. We had our townhouse on the market for 4 years (and it never sold) and couldn’t hang pictures on the wall because that’s what the realtor told me. during that time 2 kids were born! Now we have moved and are renting a house and I am ready to fill it up with pictures!! I want a big family picture to hang right in the middle of our living room so I can see it when I first walk in :)

  5. Ok, I feel like I’m playing dirty here, but I’m going to do it anyway. My sweetie, Luke, has autism and getting a great photo of him is no easy task! Any spectrum mommy will tell you that it can be hard to get your child to show some expression, and add on top of that that Luke is intimidated by cameras, so any smiling picture of him is VERY special. Well, recently, Luke got selected to swim with dolphins as a part of a therapeutic program and the smiles were abundant! I took over 600 pictures that week of my smiley boy — which fell the same week as his 5th birthday no less. I would love to have one of these photos on canvas. You can check one of my favorites out at my website below. It’s on the main page. Thinking I would hang it over Luke’s bed, as a reminder for him of his special week! And yes, I email subscribe AND like you on Facebook, Happy Home Fairy!

  6. Hi! I am a huge follower/fan of your page … I subscribe to your emails, blog and am a fan on facebook!

    My son is turning 3 in December and has a Phillies nursery/bedroom. We would love to do a canvas of a picture we have of him. We were fortunate enough to get a tour of the stadium and our son walked up the dugout steps and got to stand on the field overlooking the stadium. It is breathtaking :)

    Thank you for the opportunity of this giveaway and for writing such about your journey in this amazing blog!

    My email is

  7. We have been given the chance of a Lifetime to take a family portrait on the beach.. Were so excited of finally getting the whole Family together. 12 of us, I would love to have our first legacy photo placed in a canvas. Thanks, Best wishes.. Sylvia

  8. Oh, this one is SO easy!! Just like you, I want to fill my home with MOMENTS of our happy family (not that they’re all happy ;0) I been cancer-free for just over one year now!!! We want to celebrate by having a photo taken of the whole family. We were blessed this week to purchase a new home with a great big blank space over the mantle and fireplace. We knew right away that we wanted a canvas portrait of our whole family there. I “like” you on fb and subscribe to the Happy Family. I follow your story and pray for your family. Like so many families on your blog, we cherish the moments God gives us and ask for strength to walk through the trials. Thank you for your inspiration.

  9. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    My brother was just visiting from Arizona and took a picture on our front lawn of our happy family. It came out so precious – our 20 month old is running toward the camera and my husband and I are admiring him in the background. My brother shadows as a wedding photographer when he’s not working as a US Federal Marshal and captured our family so beautifully. This one would be perfect in our son Sebastian’s room.

    Thanks for inpsiring us all to build a Godly Happy Home and I love ya on email and FB!

  10. I’m a big huge fan on FB and I get email updates. ;)
    I would do a picture of my 2 girls playing piano together to hang above our piano.
    Love you sweet Julie!!!!

  11. I would use a photo of our family from our beach trip this summer. It is hard to get all four girls, my hubby and myself in one photo, so this is a special one that could be displayed in our family room. I subscribe to email and like you on FB.

  12. The big boy room is inspiring and perfect! I am making plans to create a bulletin board out of a frame like you did! Love it.

    The picture I would choose for a canvas:
    My grandmother had old, green shag carpeting in her house; when we were little, we thought shag carpeting had been invented solely for us to play. We could hide things in the shag, pretend like fairies lived in the green forest, play park on the green “grass,” etc… One day, my mom captured a picture of my identical twin sister, my older brother, and me doing flips and playing obstacle course on the rug. In the picture, which is more special because our beloved green shag is the backdrop, we have created almost a totem pole of sorts, with my sister on the bottom, my brother next, and I am on top. All three of us are ecstatic and full of the joy, with huge grins. You can almost hear the laughter when you look at the picture. My brother is wearing a classic 80’s black shirt with holes all over it, and my sister and I are decked out in neon. It’s one of my favorite pictures of my childhood, because it captures growing up in the 80’s, was taken in our wonderful Nanny’s house, and we are all three deliriously happy.

    I would love this picture on a canvas! We just moved, and I have the perfect spot above my couch in our living room for this happy picture to live. It would make anyone who walked into my home grin immediately.

  13. I enjoy your emails and fabulous ideas. They remind me to slow down and enjoy my life and to make moments special. I don’t have any family pictures that I am part of. I am always the photographer. I would have our family beach picture put on canvas because it is the one picture that I am in.

    Thank You,

  14. I would love a picture of my 3 kids on the Lake Michigan beach during a sunset…simply beautiful. I follow you on email too and just love your perspectives! Thanks again for sharing with us.

  15. These days life is a little (a lot!) crazy with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old! My two little people just adore each other, but sibling rivalry is in full force already! No wonder I’m finding more and more gray hair ;) Anyway, there is a beautiful picture of my son holding his new little sister on the day we brought her home. He is caressing her hair so gently… just melts my heart! That precious picture serves as a reminder to me that their love for one another is great… that despite the daily craziness of life, the Lord has blessed our family with much love! PS – I “like” you on FB and I love your website! Thank you for your honesty in sharing your challenges and struggles. It’s been a privilege to join you in prayer for your precious family!

  16. I am the blessed mommy of 2.5 year old triplets boys. These guys are so awesome but have had to share the spotlight their whole lives, they also have a little sister who just turned one. They are very 2 these days, and many days lately my husband comes home from work to find me in tears, from the stress of their incessant fighting. I have a dear photo though that captures them all holding hands , as they run down the road together. When I see this photo I am praying for their brotherhood to remain strong as they hopefully become great, Godly men one day… And forget about the days of biting, and whacking, each other 90 seconds:). I follow you on my email. Your Christ centered message in the midst of trial is so inspirational. Thank you!

  17. Julie,

    Thank you for the sweet offer. I would print a picture of my Happy Boy when he was 2 eating ice cream. It is the sweetest picture. It makes my heart melt every time I see it. It’s a moment I want to go back and freeze time. Where would I hang it? In my kitchen it’s the place we hang out most and I have the perfect spot.
    I would follow you everywhere, but am limited to Facebook, email, and blog. I love your passion for God and to have a Happy home. You inspire me to take each day and find the good in every moment. Thanks to you I have created many happy moments that I will never forget and I hope my Happy Boy won’t either.


  18. Love his room! I would print a picture of my dad surfing this amazingly huge wave. It’s a breath taking photo and I just love how the photographer captured “my dad”- his strength, his facial expression, his passion, his youth- the way that I always remember my dad.
    I’m so excited to show my children who live so far away from their Tutu Kane (grandpai) who he is with a simple picture. Just precious!

    I am your follower on email and Facebook and life:0). Love you all!

  19. Thank you so much for having this offer, I subscribe to your emails and i like your page on facebook. I love all you ideas and use so much of them, i especially loved the lunch ideas and my boys love getting the little notes and funny eyes too. Thank you for that.
    I am going to get my three awesome boys pictures done as a group photo and that is what i would use and put it on my livingroom wall. It would be so special to me because they are growing up way too fast and this way i could always have this picture of them at this size, they are now 8 10 and 12 and are all so happy at this age. Thank you again so much and i hope i win.

  20. I have an adorable picture of my little guy sitting in the middle of a tractor tire with a big, cheesy smile on his face! It’s probably one of my favorite pictures of him ever! He has such a big personality…I love it!! Our family farms, so this picture is a perfect fit for our lifestyle. We would hang the canvas on our picture wall in the living room!! He was 3 when the picture was taken (he’s now 4). I am an email subscriber to your blog. I don’t follow you on Facebook because I don’t have an account; however, I do follow you on Twitter!! Your faith has been such a blessing to me since I’ve become a follower of Happy Home Fairy! Thank you so much for all you do and the witness you provide to so many families! God Bless!!!


  21. Recently we were in Nauvoo Illinois and the whole family gathered by the river to watch my father in law play hymns on his bagpipes. It was an awesome experience and something very special to him. I got a great shot of him while playing that I would love to put on a canvas as a gift for him.
    I am a follower of yours on facebook.

  22. I am a big fan of this blog (e-mail subscriber) & I also follow you on facebook! In fact, my two little guys (6&4) are in for quite a treat today when they open their lunch boxes – everything is wrapped in Camo wrapping paper!! I can’t wait for the day to end so I can hear all about it!!

    Anywhoo – I would print a picture of my three kiddos. I have 2 boys (mentioned above) and a 1 year old girl. The three of them are absolutely darling together and they LOVE to smile and cheese it up for the camera. Their bond is amazing and I know that soon they will be grown and these precious moments will only be a memory. SO – I’d capture a moment of their silliness & display it proudly in the living room – where we dance, wrestle, do devotions and enjoy each other.

    On a side note – for no extra bonus points – I really do want to thank you for all your fun ideas and creativity. My family has been blessed by it and we’ve started some fun traditions based off of some of your ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great relationship with my mom and I’ve struggled since I found out baby #3 was a girl with the fear of not being close to my daughter. I’ve really been blessed to read about your relationship with you mom and find hope in that for me and my precious little girl. Thanks for all you do! Your family is in our prayers!

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  23. Wow…so many great stories and ideas! You aren’t going to have an easy time with this contest! Here goes my shot at it…
    I follow you on Facebook and blog, and in doing so I have realized even more that it truly is the little things in life that keep us going. My husband has been on and off ill for most of my son’s first 18 months, nothing life-threatening, but enough to where he is in bed a lot, and when he is well he is at work supporting our little family. One night after dinner we went on a family walk in a nearby field. On our first stroller free walk, my son hiked all the way to the top of the hill while holding a stick for our dog. When we got to the top, my husband picked him up and put our son on his shoulders and proceeded to walk down the other side. Our dog followed in his footsteps, literally, as they went down the hill. It is one of my favorite pictures of our family! A beautiful sunset and my 3 boys enjoying one of our nightly walks, that usually dont include all of us.

  24. Thank you so much for this offer! I recently had beach pictures made of my girls (ages 2&5) so I would probably choose one of them together. Through all the arguments and fighting they are sisters above all else and love each other dearly. I know just the spot where I would hang the canvas . . . in the family room where we would see it each and every day. Thank you so much for your inspiring messages!

    I follow you by email and facebook. :)

  25. Oh my goodness! This is exciting!!!
    I would love to win a canvas picture of my husband and I! We are high-school sweet hearts. Married for five years a.d we have two beautiful children! We may be young but with God in our marriage we have conquered a lot! I would hang a pic of us in the living room over the piano. I think its important for us to remain the center of the family! I did like your page on fb when I had one :) I do follow your blog. And love to read your wonderful inspiring words!

  26. I love the big boy room, Julie! It’s so colorful and fun! Your blog has become one of my favorite late-night-feeding actiivities every day. I am still working on my own happy baby’s room, so I’d print a photo canvas of one of her baby pictures for the wall.

  27. I have a picture of my daughter as a flower girl. She is jumping in the air throwing leaves all around with her Grandpa…it’s one of my favorite pictures ever! I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader and I also “like” your facebook page :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I’m an email subscriber & Facebook follower. I’m so grateful for what you do! I love your recipes and ideas to make my home truly happy. My hubby has put in a standing request for your Aunt Greta’s brownies AT LEAST quarterly, by the way :)
    Without going home and pouring over all my pictures, I would probably use a picture from one of our many trips to the beach. I love to take pictures of sunrises/sunsets, because to me it is the best capture of God’s magnitude. This would be hung in our bedroom to add an element of peace and calm.


  29. We’re getting ready to move out of our first home and I’ve been wanting to take a family picture on the front steps. I’d love to have that made into a photo canvas to hang in our new home.

    I subscribe to your blog through google reader, I’m not sure if that counts?

  30. My husband and I re-enacted a photograph my parents had taken at their wedding back in 1984. They were both leaning into their limousine with my mom’s bouquet in one hand and my dad’s hand in her other one. My husband and I had the same picture taken at our wedding in 2008! We had my parents’ photo blown up and put onto a canvas that now hangs at their house but we have yet to do the same to ours! I would definitely put that photo on a canvas!

    My name is Rachel –

    I am an e-mail follower and I “like” the Fairy on Facebook!

  31. Hi Julie!
    I am a huge email fan and FB fan of your blog! The Happy Buddy’s room is so inspiring!!! I would love to win the canvas picture and would choose a picture of my 2 boys playing on the slip and slide- the baby is laughing as his brother is kissing his sweet little hand- I treasure the relationship the two of them share and pray it only grows with time. Thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas!

  32. I would have a photo of my precious granddaughter at the beach put on canvas. This was her first trip to the beach and it was so precious to view the beach through her eyes. We have been unemployed for over 1 1/2 yrs. and she has been the light at the end of the tunnel for us. God has been so good to us and sending her was icing on the cake!! I am an e-mail subscriber and so enjoy all your posts. Many prayers have been uttered for you and your precious family!

  33. SO hard to pick one as I am camera happy but it would have to be the first picture taken of my 2 girls. It amazes me how close they are already and I can’t wait to see how their relationship blossoms through the years. I love your blog and recently used the google-eyed lunch box tip. My daughter was the star of her lunch room table. Your site is the first site I check on facebook everyday…thanks for all you do to help my Happy Home!


  34. I would probably have a picture of my girls taken years ago put on canvas. I love this picture because it shows the true personality of my girls (one screaming). :)

  35. I love your blog and your sweet encouraging words. I would use this canvas to print our latest family photo. As in typical fashion with two toddler boys, no one is smiling and the baby has just pulled my glasses off. It’s so us! Lol. We are moving to a new state soon and this will be perfect in the living room of our tiny new apartment to remind us of home.

  36. For months when we would say prayers at dinner, I would start off with “thank you for our food, home, family and friends, and thank you for providing for us…” My 5 year old foster son would cut in to say “and thank you for my mom’s frames.” I didn’t understand why he was so thankful for my picture frames, until I realized that he was in most of them, and the others were of “his [new] family”. This is the first place that he has felt that he belonged. So, if I won, I would use a picture of him and I at Richmond Beach, and hang it above the dinner table as a reminder that he does belong and that he is loved.

    I like you on facebook and am going to sign up for emails now.

    • HEATHER, After much prayer, I really felt the Lord leading me to choose you as the WINNER of the FREE Photo Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints. Your comment tugged at my heartstrings – it revealed so much about your Happy Home – your faith, your commitment to living out the Gospel by caring for the orphans, and your desire to love and serve your family in a way that brings glory to His name… I hope you (and your foster son) are blessed by it! I will be emailing you shortly!

  37. I would do a fun picture of our family from our vacation of a life time that we took this summer. I think that we have some really funny ones to put up. I would put it in my living room or dinning room (or as my kids call it, the photo gallery. It is making me giggle to think of getting one of them up and for free. I am an e-mail subscriber. I am going to facebook right now to like you, because I really truely do.

  38. Our bedroom needs some serious updating in the picture department! We have lots of pic up of our oldest but very few of our youngest {who is almost THREE – such a bad mom}. I absolutely adore the picture we have of our happy buddy meeting, holding & sweetly kissing his sweet happy sissy. I LOVE following your blog & “Liking” posts on facebook :) YOU are amazing & such an inspiration! Thank you SO much for sharing yourself and allowing God to work through you, Julie, in our lives.

  39. Working in a Catholic School and Parish I found your site last year by accident searching for a project for my second grade class. I placed you in my favorites, signed up for your emails and liked you on face book to all the young Mom’s groups and your site has helped my teachers a great deal. I would like to win because I would place my class picture on the frame for the class to enjoy on our bulletin board. God Bless You and all you do!

  40. If I were to win the free canvas, I would defintely get it done with one of our recent family pictures. We had a local photographer take pictures outside by the barn with me, my husband, daughter (5 years old) and step son who is 13 years old. The one I think I love the best is of the kids by themself because they are so natural looking and you can just see the love they have for each other in their eyes as they are hugging one another. Brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it. Of course these pictures haven’t made it off the disc I received so no one is erally getting to enjoy them. I would definitely hang it in the family room for everyone to see over the fireplace. I get your blogs daily and have just likes your page on facebook. Didn’t know you were on there too. Thank you for your time and God Bless.
    Jessica from KY

  41. Hello Happy Mama-
    I love your site and your energy! My email is: and I would hang a picture that we have not taken yet. We are scheduled to take photos the first week in October once my hubby returns from Tokyo (he has been working there since May). We are taking family pictures that will include a new sweet lil’ guy we are adopting. He is six months old and we have had him for a month. God is amazing and although things have been quite different from our ‘plan’ the Lord knew all along and has been awe-inspiring in this journey. I already had an idea to do a canvas print with all of us and maybe three smaller ones of each of our children. I have liked you on facebook and I did not know to do an email subscription so I will add that now. We would hang this canvas proudly in our living room!!!

    Blessings to you and your sweet family….

  42. I’m already an email subscriber! I would love to win the canvas!! We took some family pics at the beach this summer & I know exactly which one I’d enlarge. I’d hang it on the wall by the stairs! Hope to win!!

  43. Hi, Happy Home Fairy! :-) I am an email subscriber and we’re Facebook friends, too. I have a niece and nephew who I love like my very own. The Lord has not blessed me with a husband and family of my own so these little ones are the loves of my life. Aiden is 4 and is a Down Syndrome angel and Alyssa is 2 and a half and is quite the diva. At times, my heart aches so badly to have my own family and home but I know that my God has a purpose and plan for me so I trust Him and I thank Him for the gifts of Aiden & Alyssa in my life. I would hang a canvas print of them as they play together and cherish it forever :-) God bless you!

  44. While I’m not sure I’d pick this one if I won, I have a picture of my husband and my oldest son when my son was about a year old. (He’s almost 12 now.) They both have on red snowsuits and are walking down the middle of the street in the snow hand in hand. LOVE that picture!

  45. Hi fairy!

    Wow, I’ve read through the replies and you have a tough job!! Sounds like some great photos will be made.

    Yes, I’m a fan on Facebook and I am an email subscriber. I started reading your updates when the happy baby was born and someone posted your update asking for prayer and I’ve been praying and loving your family ever since. Praising God with you on all the joy the happy baby has brought you!

    If I was to win, I would chose a picture of my 11 month old daughter Charlotte. She is child # 2 and I’m so sad to say we have no pictures of her hanging on the walls, it’s almost like she doesn’t exist!! The picture I would chose is one that we had taken recently at the park, she is so happy, full of smiles and she may even be sticking her tongue outM it would hang in our living room.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  46. We have just moved into a new city, my husband has become senior pastor at a church in town and we are in the process of making the parsonage look like a home. My 2 (almost # year olds son) just got a car bed made by grandpa and a car quilt made my grandma, I made some art work for the room. My sister – in- law took his pictures, which happen to be with a cute toy car, and this is the perfect picture to put on a canvas to add the finishing touches to his room. He is going to have a baby sister in 2 months and I want his big boy room to be just perfect and special. I subscribe to your blog and follow you on facebook :)

  47. Well, the picture isn’t captured yet but we have it set up. We are moving across the ocean from Alaska to Idaho into a beautiful farm house. I am a photographer so I plan on taking our family picture (4 kiddos) on our new front porch. I have already pictures a canvas of us on the porch of our new home, starting our new adventure together! This will go above our sofa, front and center, in the living room!

    Amanda Heath

  48. I would probably pick a photo of my husband and me eloping 16 years ago as a reminder of our love and what a strength he is to me every day (plus i like to see me with fewer wrinkles- haha).
    I definately subscribe to your blog and LOVE it. I also liked you on facebook. The emails i get from you are sooo fun.
    Wish me luck, Summer Palmberg
    Happy Fairy Hunting….. HAHA.

  49. I have been wanting to get a canvas print of my baby girl that I had in June. I would love to put it in our family room because we have lots of my son so we need to start getting them up of my daughter too! Thanks for having this giveaway and for all your great ideas! You and your family have been in my prayers!
    I am subscribed to your emails and like on fb! :)

  50. I knew right away! It would be Sadie’s picture of her first day at Ballet in black and white. It would go in her room above her bed!!! Such an awesome moment, as she was “supposed” to never even be able to walk!!And yes…I am a subscriber to the Happy Home Fairy! =)

  51. I would get a picture of my trash the dress photo Shoot. We did it 2 years ago and I have yet to print a picture!

    I’m an email subscriber. :)

    Starletcarly at yahoo dot com

  52. I have a picture of both of my kids squished in one little chair wearing their swimming goggles and jammies. I love this picture because it is SO them! :)
    erincyoung (at)

  53. I love to take lots of pictures. However, I am almost never in any of them. Although we have considered a professional photographer it is so expensive. I have a friend who is willing to take a picture of our happy family and I would love to have a family portrait in our home which currently does not have one. I would put the canvas on our family wall which has pictures of my happy girls and myself with my hubby but not as a whole family. It would mean so much to me to have a picture of our entire family together since it seems so rare as my husband travels so much and especially since I love photography so much. I have been a follower on FB and email for about a year and love the MOM meetings. Thanks for posting all your great ideas and for your inspiration in the last few months. Blessings!

  54. First I love your blog and have been following you for a while now, I don’t even have kids at home anymore, they are 31 & 28…lol…you blog is a blessing to me, I love your sense of humor especially through these past months. Keeping your faith and sense of humor through such an impossible tiime tells me that your faith is stronger than any circumstance the “enemy” could throw at you. I am 55 and just learning how to stand on my faith and NOT be shaken by anything that comes along, including my dad being in an ICU for almost a week last week (he just got out today AMEN)
    I do have next door neighbors, 20 months & 3 yrs. old, boys who are just like grandchildren and my first granddaughter who just turned 1 on July 31st.
    The picture would be of Hadley b/c she lives in OK with my daughter and son-in-law who is in the army (career guy), I live in New Jersey & airfare is crazy expensive over $400. round trip…enough said about that.
    My daughter got professional pictures of Hadley done for her first BD and altough it would be a very difficult decision which one to choose for the canvas I would love to have something so big for our living room so I could have Hadley with me all the time. I miss her terribly, this is not how I imagined being a grandmother would be but God provided me with Mason & Logan next door so it’s all good.
    Blessings to you and I continue to pray always : )

  55. I would get a photo of our happy family and place it on a wall – front and center. I follow you on facebook, pray for your family, and will now subscribe to your blog! So excited for your first give away! Missy

  56. I follow your blog and Facebook, and an email subscriber.I work full time as a nurse in a busy ICU. I am happily married and a mother of 2, Hailey, 7 and Hannah 2. I am not a creative person so your blogs really help me. Every time I read them I feel so blessed. The Lord is a priority in my life and it is nice to read how He has blessed you and your family. I will hang this canvas in my bedroom. It would be a picture of my two precious girls!

  57. I love your blog and I am an email and facebook follower as well. The picture I would have done is one of my great nephew. I have not been blessed with the ability to have children, so my nephew’s baby boy Camden is the closest I’ll ever come to feeling the experience of being a grandparent and he is very special to me. He just turned one and loves to come to Nannie’s house already! It will hang in my bedroom so I’ll have a happy bedroom too! Thank you so much for all your inspiration and sharing your life with us!

  58. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! I check your blog everyday to see what new ideas you have posted. Our family is in the process of adopting two children right now (and we have 2 biological kiddos). I would pick a family picture to hang in their room. I want them to be able to feel all the love we have for them already and to know that we are going to be there for them forever!

  59. Hello, Happy Fairy. I love your blogs and have used many of them with my kids. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. I have a huge picture of my son already. I have a awesome picture of my 2 girls walking down a flight of stairs and holding hands. I love this picture of my girls. I see it this way, no matter how things are going were up or down they will always be able to turn to each and be hand and hand, to help each other. Thank you for my input. I do not have a facebook or twitter.

  60. What a beautiful canvas of your sweet son! Thank you for this giveaway. If I win I will be printing a picture of my grandmother that I took this past year. She is dying of cancer and only has a few months left at max, and I want her beautiful face to be shining in my home forever, and a large canvas is perfect for that. I will get it printed regardless of winning, but it will just be a regular picture if I don’t win.

    I am an email subscriber and a Facebook fan too. :)

  61. What a beautiful canvas of your sweet son! Thank you for this giveaway. If I win I will be printing a picture of my grandmother that I took this past year. She is dying of cancer and only has a few months left at max, and I want her beautiful face to be shining in my home forever, and a large canvas is perfect for that. I will get it printed regardless of winning, but it will just be a regular picture if I don’t win.

    I am an email subscriber and a Facebook fan too.

  62. We recently took pictures of my daughter to celebrate her 2nd birthday. She loves balloons so we did a photoshoot of her in a basket with helium balloons tied to it. I would get one of these pictures and hang it in the hallway to my bedroom!

  63. We have a beautiful candid shot of our family of 4, standing barefoot at the water’s edge at Laguna Beach. It was taken after we had renewed our wedding vows. God had brought us through an extremely trying time in our marriage, so this photo is a special on! I have it framed, but have always wanted to see about getting a larger one to hang over the mantle.
    I’ve been subscribed to your blog via email for some time and found/liked you on facebook just tonight. :)
    Thanks for sharing this sweet offer with your readers!

  64. I like you on Facebook and follow you in my Blogger reading list.

    I have a few different photos of my daughter and of our family that would be canvas worthy, but we’re scheduled to take some more in a few weeks, right before her 4th birthday, so if I win, I would probably choose a family photo from that session.

  65. I an a relatively new follower, thanks to the suggestion of my sister. I so appreciate your posts and your honesty as you go throughout your day…. The picture I would make into a canvas is the family picture made on the hospital bed in labor and delivery on the day we took our triplets home. After eight long years of praying, I think the photo captures out joy at God’s goodness to us.

  66. I have a picturethat I took from behind of my son and daughter sitting on the curb of a street watching a parade. My son who was 3 at the time has his arm around his sister who was 5. I love this picture because it shows the love the two of them have. I am a subscribed to both facebook and email.

  67. Oh how I would love to have the last picture I have of my mommy printed for my daughters room. It was a photo of her with my sweet baby girl. We rushed from the hospital with the newborn to meet her grandma as she was being cared for by hospice. My mommy passed away soon after that photo but the smile in the picture says it all. How wonderful for whoever wins the photo!

  68. When my baby was 16 days old, we had to rush him to the children’s hospital for emergency belly button surgery. I called my mom and she was working with some missionaries at the time and she had everyone start praying. My husband and I started praying as well. Long story short, we were admitted to the infant surgery unit and stayed for a few days but never had to have the surgery. We experienced a miracle and God healed my son. I want him to grow up seeing a picture of while he was at the hospital because he is a miracle. God has huge plans in store for him and I want him to remember that. I think it will hang in our living room for awhile and then maybe in the nursery after that or maybe the kitchen. I just want to be somewhere that we can all remember that God works miracles.
    And for my bonus points, I am an email subscriber and I have already liked the fairy on facebook.

  69. We will be moving in a month and my 6-year-old daughter will finally have her own room (she’s always shared with her 2 brothers). I love the idea of having a picture of her in her own room – one of her close-ups from when she was a bit younger!!
    Liz P.

  70. The walls in my happy home are covered with pictures of family! I do have a nice empty space next to my entertainment center in the living room that a great big picture of my two kiddos would look great in! I have a happy 2 year buddy & a happy 1 year old bubbet:-) Their adorable faces are plastered everywhere, but I have one particular picture that was taken last week that I would love to showcase. It is a picture of them smiling at each other with their little foreheads touching one another :-) It is a great picture of how much they really do love one another (even though they dont’ always show it). When I look at it, I feel I am doing something right. I am teaching them about God’s love, my hubby & I are modeling love & kindness to them & they are simply enjoying life. I know when others see this picture of them being happy together, they will smile from ear to ear:-) I am a new (last 2 months or so) fan of your blog & an e-mail subscriber:-)

  71. The picture I want to get put into a canvas is actually for my cousin. Her husband just returned from his first deployment as a Marine and the picture I want is their first back in each others arms photo. She literally ran to him and almost knocked him over when she jumped into his arms. It was the sweetest moment and in the picture you can feel the emotion as he is holding her and they are almost one person they stood like this for over 20 minutes not saying anything. They are a young couple going into their second year of marriage they lost their first baby at 21 weeks 9 months into their marriage it was heartbreaking but they are truely amazing and are each others best friend. They just got their first house in North Carolina and I want this picture to remind them that they can tackle anything as long as they do it together.
    I am a email follower and follow you on facebook. Thanks for the great giveway opportunity.

  72. Hello there… LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas and posts! I “like”(LOVE) your fabecook page and just signed up to follow your blog via email. If I win, I would print a picture of my second daughter Kailey because I have a TON of pictures of Claire up but haven’t started hanging any large pictures of Kailey yet… (been a bit busy eek!! :)) Thanks so much for this great giveaway! Julie Adams –

  73. My favorite picture of myself and my little boy. We both are laughing and looking at each other!! It just makes me happy to see it. I would love to have it really huge and put it in my bedroom. I am an email follower and like you on Facebook.

  74. Hi there! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! The picture I would choose hasn’t been taken yet… we are expecting a baby boy in about 5 weeks, and I’m sure I would pick one of the first pictures of him! :-) … and I follow you on facebook! :-)

  75. I am a subscriber, as a grandmother and a pre-school teacher. I receive your emails.
    i would however choose a picture of my sweet hubbie who passed away earlier this year. This is the favorite photo of my husband taking his final walk in a pasture on his family farm. the photoe shows him walking away from us, but we all know he is walking into a cancer free eternal home.

  76. I would use a picture that I have of my 3 children (3, 4 and 6) when my youngest was first born. I miss the days of having babies so much! A canvas to remember that time would be awesome. Thanks so much for your blog! Love all of your prinables. I subscribe by e-mail and like you on FB.

  77. I have a favorite picture of my daughter at the beach when she was 2 years old. I have wanted to put that picture on canvas for a long time.

  78. I have a picture in mind of the three of us on a family vacation we took last summer to Colorado. We are wearing our Colorado t-shirts and it is just a fun picture that makes me smile.
    preciousmoments2004 at gmail dot com

  79. We just had our 3rd little one (and a girl). We had to “redecorate” the nursery and we have a blank wall. I would love to take a newborn picture of our little girl and turn it into a canvas to hang above the changing table. Thank you so much! Love your blog!

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